Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ranting: "Strike Witches" versus "Hetalia Axis Powers"

The difference?

"Strike Witches" is a GOOD example of moefication of the second world war.
"Hetalia Axis Powers" is the WORST example of moefication of the second world war.

Reason? Think about it yourself; the reason why Korean hates Hetalia Axis Powers animation so much, when says almost nothing about Strike Witches. Korean aren't mindless as anyone who is depicted in the wapanese media.


  1. Well, I'm a huge SW fan and I despise Hetalia so of course I agree with you.

  2. Since you are Korean, can you explain this bullshit?

  3. @Last Anon: I have no freakin idea why you are posting that thing in my blog. WHAT THE FUCK.

    I don't really get that video at all. That 'Kyuktooki' basically just translated as 'martial art'. The only Korean origin martial art I essentially know is Tae Kwan Do and Takkyun.

    -----After I did more investigation, it is basically just 'martial art mixture'. It has bits of Muay Thai, bits of Judo, bits of everything.

    I mean, I do think that documentary is horribly made. It should've given credit to Thailand for its origin, not just Egypt. But seriously. If you are going to trigger some ra-cial-discussion in my blog, get the fuck out of here.

  4. WAIT.... WAIT A MINUTE....


    If you can't read it, fuck off. Basically, that people are getting trolled by Japan rightist. No-one in Korea tried to copy Muya thai. It's just trying to spread anti-korean movement to Thailand.

    Seriously. it is 'combination of martial art', which that person in documentary already said multiple times, along with its influence from various other martial arts. Japan is just trying to use limited information that documentary used as a BAIT. Well, fuck you. I'm not going to get trolled by that bullshit.

  5. lol so funny, you must go to 2ch if you really want to see what are they talking on this event. They are like acting so immature. Thank you for providing me another example to hate Hetalia even more.

  6. Huh?! What happened? I guess you're too upset/grrr (?) to briefly translate the article (or give a little summary).

    I wanna know because I don't go to 2ch and that video... I just found it boring. The only part I found interesting was one of the kicks which was very smooth. That's just because they've been training though.

  7. Yeah. I was upset. I will explain it in step by step.

    1st: There was video about Korean Style Kickboxing
    2nd: Japanese-net-rightist send it to thai people, claiming that it is rip-off of Muay Thai, in order to spread anti-Korean movement. In reality, it is completely different sports, and Japan really have no right to claim that as they also claim that taekwundo, no entire Korean culture's origin is Japan all the time.
    3rd: Thai people are raging, and get trolled by Japan.
    4th: In 2ch, they are saying 'mission success', saying Koreans and Thai people are idiots.
    5th: Japan's rightist news website made it an official news "Kyuktooki = Muay Thai rip-off!".
    6th: That news article is now getting reported to cyber-cops.

    That's what happened.