Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ranting: The WORST shonen manga that is currently serialised

Surprisingly, it is neither Bleach nor Naruto.

It is none other than FAIRY TAIL.

Just read the most recent arc. You don't even need to know story of other arcs, since they don't really help you understand WTF is happening with the plot either.

Dropped FOREVER.

(One Piece/Slam Dunk>>>>> 4th Dimensional wall you can't go over >>>>>>>>
>>>>>>>4th Dimensional wall you can't go over>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Fairy Tail)

(Only good thing about it is Juvia <3 and Boobs)


  1. I've read Fairy Tail up to chapter 130 some days ago. About after the fight of Natsu with that thunder/electro dude. People told me it turns to shit after that arc so I dropped it because it wasn'T that good either. Looks like it was a good decision.

  2. Care to explain why it sucks? I clearly don't think it sucks as much as you do.

  3. Whyyyyyyyy. Here I am expecting Medaka Box but why FT? Sure, the arc ending was a bit... predictable but, but, it has some good points too!

  4. @I actually like Medaka Box a lot due to its Nisioisin buff. Plus, Kumagawa Misogi is the best character.

    FT just sucks. Author clearly has no direction about story whatsoever. Every single ending of arc has been serious fuck up or rip off from Rave Master. Seriously, Edoras arc and That dark guild arc was stupidest thing I've ever read. There are just too many characters, too many concepts, too many plot holes, too many deus-ex-machina, drawing that seems to be getting worse each time I read. Horrible editing, horrible panel directions. Nothing of it amuses me.

  5. I only read the first few chapters of FT before dropping it. I don't mind shounen mangas, but it felt like it had nowhere to go.
    One Piece, my favorite, always moves forward and has lots of interesting foreshadowing and such. And Oda never forgets.
    Even Naruto has a goal, even if it has been covered in dirt as of late.

    Look at the last in the "big trio" and what do we have? No. Story. At. All. And is it good? Nope.

  6. You mean serialized in WSJ, TWGOK is shounen too you know and is after OP the second best one imo.

  7. @LasT Anon: More like I was only listing main stream mangas.

  8. lol, just when I think reading FT feels more like a boring obligatory routine. :P

    I certainly still won't drop this but not looking forward to it either.

  9. Well I thought Fairy Tail was kinda good, even though it reeks "repeated". I kinda became a fanboy until about 100-120 chapters in. Then afterwards, I realized it keeps making big arcs only to end the same. And the anime's horrible.