Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[Steins;Gate] 24th kami episode + Movie announcement + Huke anime ending celebration

*Huke's drawing for commemorating anime ending
*Click to enlarge

What can I say?

El - Psy - Congroo
El - Psy - Congri
El - Psy - Tuturu
El - Psy - Otokoda
El - Psy - Nyanyan
El - Psy - Banana
El - Psy - Albaqueen
El - Psy - Kurisu

Steins;Gate no sentaku...

"Saisho no Omae" wo Damase...

SEKAI wo... DAMASE!....

The best series of this year;

Madoka Magica + Steins;Gate + Fate/Zero

No contest....


  1. What's about guilty crown, man?

  2. @Iby: forgot caring about it, since I saw synopsis that had exact same problem that Code Geass had.

  3. no love for mawaru? ;_;

  4. Looks like Nitroplus is the true winner of 2011.

  5. Also, out of curiosity, Steins or Madoka? Which did you like more?

  6. Woah woah woah, Fate/zero hasn't even played yet.

  7. Steins > Madoka [in terms of actual shock/thrill]
    Steins < Madoka [in terms of different shock & fun]

    Anyways, ringO, do you know anything about ShoujoFujubun? It seems to be selling okay.

  8. @Last anon: Not. Nothing yet. It's still selling pretty good, as you said.

  9. What problem& Sorry, I haven't seen Code Geass yet, but I think that we should look several first episodes at least.
    Dunno what's the problem with the stry but other elements are perfect (and there's also scenarist from Nitro+ that'll be working on it).

  10. With the recent announcement of Kizu and Nise, I don't care with other series anymore. XD