Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fate/Zero Episode 5

You thought FateZero is a good series? You thought 4th episode was godly?

5th episode, is REVOLUTIONARY. This is what you truely call movie quality.

You guys call Kyoto Animation to have the best animation among all studio? Well it is true...



Ps: Kajiura Yuki says - Fate/Zero 5th episode is above just being amazing, it is FRIGHTENING.
Ps2: ufotable is extremely clever. They know how to maximise the quality of animation by sacrificing minor/unnoticeable bits.

Ps3: Do you guys remember Aoki Ei (Director of this series) said the role model of this series will be Movie Dark Night? If he is talking about its constant climax that never let you breath,

he definitely achieved it.

Ps4: God, how awesome that Berserker was...

*From Yaraon

Friday, October 28, 2011

[Reading 2ch] - reactions to episodes - Autumn season 1

Posting for my brain.

Just remind you that I haven't watched any of these episodes

Haganai ep 4: RIKA!!!! FUKUEN MISATO!!! HAZUKASHI!!!!

Idolm@ster ep 17: Makoto kami-episode. (*Hibiki...T___T...)
(*Fun fact: There was rumour that director Nishigori is a fan of Makoto, and it was definitely true seeing him doing direction, layout, conti (storyboard), key drawing, basically everything for ED animation.... ^^;;; He is abusing his power... in a good way.)

Mirai Nikki ep 3: Holy shit Yuno...

Guilty Crown ep 3: Gags were fun! Inori Kawaii!!!!




Monday, October 24, 2011

[Info] Imaishi Hiroyuki's (Director of TTGL) new studio name is "STUDIO TRIGGER"

Robot sequence of Idolmaster 15th episode was apparently done by 'STUDIO TRIGGER', which is a NEW STUDIO created by Imaishi Hiroyuki, Ootsuka Mashiko and other members of Gainax. To be more specific, it's studio made by staffs of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Penty & Stocking. Not just that, they are also in charge of Idolmaster 17th episode. Not just some sequences, but ENTIRE EPISODE will be directed by them. When I can't watch it due to well known shitty reasons (;_;), it would be so awesome to see it.

CEO: Ootsuka Mashiko
Company Director: Imaishi Hiroyuki
Company Director: Masumoto Kazuya 

*Idolm@ster ep. 17
Conti (Storyboard), Direction: Shibata Yuka (This guy draw entire OP sequence of Penguindrum. Crazy.)
Animation Director: Sushio (Ishijaki Toshio)

They are all members who participated in TTGL.

Gainax may be dead from now on, but their successors will never die. Everyone, remember 'STUDIO TRIGGER'. They might do something crazy again!

*Episode 17 Preview + Key drawings etc

[2hc] Gundam AGE - staff's twitter explodes with complaints after the airing of 3rd episode.

Eveything starts from Akihiro Hino's twitter;!/AkihiroHino

"Gundam AGE 1st episode is done!... I wanted to tell a story clearly and each to understand. During 2nd and 3rd episode, it will have things that was not in the original gundam series, so expect more!"

"In the interview, 1st and 2nd episode were the only thing shown, so I can't tell much detail. But 3rd episode will be GOOD! That is the first climax and it will develop into story with huge scale from 1st ep to 3rd ep."

Anyway, many AGE staffs suddenly start to say that 'please watch the series until episode 3. It is not too late to criticise after that'. We all remember how Madoka Magica's reputation swifted dramatically in its mamiru episode. It was not just Akihiro, but many other involved staffs as well;

Producer: "Anyhow, I want everyone to watch till 3rd episode. Once you watch it, you will find yourself how wants to watch more of it until the end. " - "Everyone will be surprised if you watch the development of recent episode."

Hino: "If you criticise after watching 1st and 2nd episode, I will accept it modestly." (NewType Interview)

In the past, Akihiro Hino already brought tons of 'attention' from Gun-takus for his claim that he is surprised about the claim again Gundam AGE. Thus, this media play increased so much hype for the 3rd epsiode, and everyone started to think of Madoka Magica version 2.


and it was no MadoMagi. It was... much worse than anyone's expectation. Basically, staffs made grave for themselves by this media play because...!/search/%40AkihiroHino%20
@AkihiroHino's twits is now basically just living hell. He touched someone that he should not. People are saying the twit responses are actually funnier than the episode itself. (...)

I haven't watched it, but read some summary of the story until now. It indeed looks shit.

Ranting: Fairy Tail 256 -... my god...

Hiro Mashima's story telling is...getting even worse. I just can't believe that.

I remember Rave Master. It is still, one of my favourite battle manga. Well, it still had so many flaws just like Fairy Tail, but in here, there was unique ideas, good comedy, at least 'SOME' sensible development and most of all, touching, overwhelmingly moving scenes. At least, sStory was flowing 'FORWARD' and about 99% of foreshadowing that was built from the start was all recollecting and solved. I still remember that last scene of Sieg Heart, which gave me so many chills and tears. It is in fact, one of the best scene I've seen in any manga, right next to many other scenes (...) from One Piece. The built up of rivalry, friendship, sacrifice and death, searching for the past, family, revenge and forgiving... Everything was there. When it might be criticised for being generic cliche shonen manga, it was also a series that showed its maximum potential under the cliche, which made it to become one of favourite of all time.

Now, Fairy Tail, aka HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT, is only going downhill. This is so different from how Rave Master's quality went better by its volume. The recent chapter and development of Fairy Tail was just compilation of all the bad things that Hiro Mashima can do. Well... from now on, there would be spoilers, so I will hide it.


Ranting: Guilty Crown ep 2 - The Shadow of Code Geass

Just writing this since I met some hilarious arguments on the internet.People are comparing Guilty Crown and Code Geass for a reason. Basically, staffs are trying to make Code Geass syndrome - version two. And when I say 'version two', it's not story, or concept-wise. I mean its success and impact-wise. When I don't usually like comparing animations each other during its early episodes, this series just screams for comparison anyway.

Episode 2 basically revealed every single possible problems that this series could've had. That is called, 'mannerism'. Staffs of this series brings back many ideas they used from Code Geass, well that's fine. At least way episode showed up did not really remind me any particular scenes from Code Geass. The problem? Every single bits from the series is inferior to what Code Geass had. The fact that director is clearly using ideas based on his previous work, Code Geass, means that they have actual 'motivation' to surpass that series. It's just not doing it.

What made it worse, is its quality animation. Honestly, I'm seeing deja-vu  of Nichijou here; even though quality is breaking through the heaven, all of those quality scenes are neither amusing, nor interesting. In Nichijou, the reason for that was horrible pacing and hit-or-miss comedy. In Guilty Crown, the problems are characters and atmosphere. Just look at the main character. It is certainly clear that the entire series will base on growth of the protagonist, like Eureka Seven. I think it will not really work well in Guilty Crown's setting and concept. That's because we all somewhat know that he has incredible power anyway. When person with broken power needs time for 'mental grow', viewers feel annoyance and anger, that's a usual pattern. Just try to think why Lelouche is still popular until now and described to be one of the best male characters. Atmosphere? When they clearly had some opportunity to make so much development/setting establishment, and most of all, creating some mood and tension for viewers attention, they just wasted this 2nd episode, imo.

When it's just 2nd episode, it just lacks so much 'haki' compare to Code Geass. Simple as that. When I did not particularly like Code Geass, I could still understand why it is very good/masterpiece by some. Guilty Crown is showing very weak start, and I doubt this will satisfy its previous hype.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ranting: So, this seasons animation.

Since I'm now in exam term, temporarily dropping every single anime except Fate/Zero. Honestly, F/Z is so far, only animation this season that could actually mark as mai anime of the year along with Homu homu and El psy congroo. Persona 4, haganai, C3 (which has the best OP of the year), Ika Musume were other good ones, but some what inferior compare to my prior expectations. GC is meh, haven't watched Ungo,

To sum up, watch Fate/Zero, period

Saturday, October 15, 2011

[Info] Persona 4 in Crisis - Animators quit due to poor management of AIC.

I knew this for a long time, but posting about it now for the hack of it;

So... the problem has to do with management of studio itself + director's stupidity + salary not payed = quit of animators.


Shaft fan: So what?....

(*actually, Persona's situation is much worse than usual Shaft)

Ranting: Guilty watching Guilty Crown


*...even more sigh....

whatever. I will watch it anyway, even if it would be torturing experience for me. Who knows? The only thing that is remotely known about the story is its setting that reeks rightist. However, I might be horribly wrong; it would not necessarily be the focus of the series anyway.

However, if I just look at the quality of the series itself, this 1st episode was definitely lower than what I was expecting. Main character is so bland. The way that story is going is quite predictable if you know TTGL cliche. Hell, Code Geass had super-awesome-clever-FABULOUS male lead called Lelouch. This one doesn't have it, and that's one of the most important thing for the popularity of the series.

"Cliche... Cliche... Cliche... then ridiculously good animations, cliche again, cliche... good animation, repeat" That was my impression.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Idolm@ster 15th episode - KAMI-SAMA EPISODE

Contrasting to shitness of Guilt Crown, Idolm@ster was ingenious. This is a reason why I always expect something huge from the members of Gainax.

Watch it yourself. It was brilliant.

Guilty Crown - dropped in ONE EPISODE

Fuckin god sake. Japan is seriously fucked up for making series like this.

Seriously, GHQ? Don't call that bullshit.

Extreme rightists are always problem in Asia. This is exact reason why I was worried about this animation when I first saw its synopsis.

Animation and action? brilliant. But setting and story? Dirty shit, no DISGUSTING.

Monday, October 10, 2011

[Review] Fall season impression - [SPOILERS]

Fall season animation so far has been truly brilliant. I would like to say some of my impression for the series. Just impressions for those who has already watched the series. Thus, spoiler would be everywhere...


Fate/Zero: What can I say? It has brilliant character design that portray's Takeuchi's drawing in the best possible way. Urobuchi quality psychopath Caster + Ryunosuke combi is just priceless. Seriously, Cthulhu? Urobuchi's love for Lovecraft shall go forever. It's still have with dialog and still have with introduction, but that's how all the epic series starts for the epic development and epic ending. Remember F/UBW? You remember how everyone criticised it for having zero care for non-VN/anime viewers and basically skipped every single explanation? It would be funny when Fate series is finally doing something that is actually caring for the watchers and explain things with detail, and people criticise it for being boring. Well, to be honest, even with those dialog, it was never boring at least for me. The tension was very, VERY high. There are many likable characters such as Rider the man and moe moe Waver. I also like this rivalry between Kiritsugu and Kotomine portrayed in the first episode as well.

and... poor Kariya... >_>

C3: 1st episode, imo, was confusing. When I did praise it a lot in other posts, there were definitely something seriously lacking about the episode, and it was 'the script'. Script is badly written. Series composition is also, just.... bad. This is something that Oonuma Shin always suffered from since Ef to Baka to Test.

However, Fear was adorable... until brilliant psycho swift. When Oonuma did tons of errors when making proper troll episode during the 1st + start of 2nd episode, it was still refreshing. I mean, just turn off your brain! Anime is for fun! Why don't enjoy pantsu shots, loli, psycho and gore at the same time? It's good!

Persona 4: I would say, it was a bit of disappointment. Well, animation quality was definitely good and everything, but main character annoyed me. However, I would reserve saying anything about this series until next episode.

Bento: This would be animation which needs everyone's head turned-off when watching it. It was... BRILILILILIANT. It is over-the-top, so ridiculous, so idiotic and SO HILARIOUS. Race for half price Bento was so serious, it's not even funny any more, it is 'BEAUTIFUL'. Action scenes have some nice directions that I loved, girls are sexy. Loved the episode a lot.


Sadly... I haven't anything else yet due to my exam whatever things. I watched a bit of Haganai, which sort of disappointed me. I didn't try Horizon thing after I read on 2ch where all the original novel fans say things like 'if you read novel, then there is no problem!'. Nope, if it's an animation that needs previous knowledge to learn in order to watch, I would pass. I would rather read novel and don't touch animation.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Toyosaki Aki stalked - boy friend found!!!" - WTF are they THINKING?

I was really scared yesterday, due to this;

We already know how creepiest shit Japanese Seiyuu otakus are. Basically what happened, is that this single miserable idiot-stalker-human_trash obviously stalked Taketasu Ayana and Toyosaki Aki, and found out they had boyfriend.

That's it.

But somehow, these bunch of freaks/idiots in Japan has some fantasy - thinking all seiyuus should remain virgin just like all 2D characters are. I won't bring in Hirano Aya issue here (since some of the reaction got worsened by her own attention-seeking twitter messages), but that stalking guy clearly deserves more than death.

What the fuck are they thinking? Thank you 2ch. Because of you guys, I learn those exact type of person that I would NEVER, EVER WANT TO BECOME.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ranting: Possibility of Kami-Nomi getting a 3rd season?

Unless god bless us, I say it is almost impossible, sadly. It was already split-2-cour project, and when it gives reliability in sense that Studio can improve quality, having long-term-plan for a series + having a break of 3 months means they are taking risks for having those improvements. Kami Nomi sales was not a hit. When we call 'break even point' and 'manabi-line', even if the sales goes above it by a bit, it is still bad sales as there is almost no profit made anyway. Kami Nomi 2nd cour sold even worse. >_>

So, we should all blame shit called manglobe. ;_;

[Ranting] In my opinion...

In my opinion...

Reviewers in ANN have really bad taste + have "I wannabe look intelligent" syndrome.


Gainax - FINISHED?

Yep. What I said all the time was indeed true. Imaishi left Gainax, Gainax is now officially done... 'almost'.

Don't worry about Medaka Box, since Gainax animating was just a baseless rumour.

[DVD/BD] Amazon Ranking Stalker - October season week 1

Just posting this for the hell. Just listing things that looks interesting

3 - Saki BD box
5 - Cars 2 BD
8 - Haganai BD 1
11 - Bakemonogatari BD BOX
12 - Gundam UC BD
14 - Persona 4 the Animation BD 1
18 - Macross Movie BD
19 - Full Metal Alchemist Movie BD
21 - TIGER & BUNNY 6
24 - Haganai 2
25 - Toradora BD Box
26 - Haganai 5
27 - Haganai 4
28 - Haganai 3
30 - Haganai 6
31 - Working !! BD 2
32 - Persona 4 the Animation BD 2
44 - Kyokaisenjo no Horizon BD 1 

Haganai BANZAI! Haganai Banzai! Haganai BANZAI!!!!
*Fate/Zero is not listed since it will be released in BD Box form, for each season.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

[Fate/Zero] Will be split-2-cour.

Fate/Zero will be split-2-cour series, like Arakawa Under the Bridge and Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai did. 1st cour will be air till December, 2-cour will be airing on Spring season. BD/DVD release will also be separated as 2 different season.

It is actually sort of understandable, knowing that movie quality 1st episode of Fate/Zero had. Thankfully, Nisemonogatari will top the Winter season instead of Fate/Zero. Subarashi-desuyo, Aniplex-san.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

[Review] C3 - lololololololololololololololololololololololol



Boy meets girl.


Romantic comedy...


Disappointed, gaijin. I'm disappointed. Only thing that you guys judge properly is "Huh this is moe" "Yey, this is not moe!". I just don't understand why C3 is getting bad reviews. Gaijin's hatred towards Pantsu is just unreasonable.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

[Info] Light novel - "Accel World" and "Sword Art Online" gets animation & game adaptation.


Along with Index movie, famouse novels from dengeki bunko - "Accel World" and " Sword Art Online is announced to have animation & game adaptation. Accel world will be adapted by Sunrise, and by A-1 for Sword Art Online.

I heard Sword Art Online is good. Let's see how it goes.

[Info] The Certain Magical Index - Gets a movie


Suddenly, movie, instead of 3rd season.

This series shall never end.

It seems that many people don't understand why Nichijou failed.

Basically, Otaku were tired to Kadokawa + Kyoani's business trick.

Now, I didn't know there were actually 'solid amount of fans' who actually 'enjoyed' Nichijou. Wow. I was... actually surprised. Nichijou is possibly, one of the biggest - financial - failure you can ever expect in anime industry in recent years.  Well, it won't bring Kyoani down since they still have glorious K-ON MOVIE ready for otaku rush, but knowing HOW MUCH FUCKIN MONEY MONEY MONEY they basically poured into, this is just laughable.

We had AMAZING animation with AMAZING budget, 2-cour length, OPENING SEQUENCE changing EVERY EPISODE, KADOKAWA'S outspoken, blunt and mindless marketing in order to make this animation into new trend in FORCE, not satisfying the need of consumers by including almost zero percent appeal for the merchandise, SHIT ORIGINAL CONTENT with SHIT DIRECTION and HORRIBLE pacing, unfunny comedy with tat WHATEVER HELVETICA SHIT THING and lastly, INFINITE AMOUNT OF BORDOM. That's the component of Nichijou.

( got better I admit. 2nd cour was definitely better than 1st cour,... until that HELVETTICRA thing came back.)

Well, I'm angry at this series, but not as angry as I did for Angel Beats, since sales OBVIOUSLY showed that people do know that it is a disaster created by impudent, pretentious Kadokawa and mannerism by Kyoani.

The thing that is lolworthy is that the logics that Kyoani fans use is basically something like;


"Good show never sell well, thus Nichijou is a good show!"

"I will become Kyoani's loyal fan, because they sacrificed Moe for the sake of creating good show!!'

"Sales is not a indication of reputation of Kyoani!"

What a twisted logics. IF SERIES WON'T SELL, IT MEANS NOTHING. Shit animation leads financial failure, and it leads to another shit animation. That's how it is. Kyoani lost its reputation by creating pretentious series that does not match with exaggerated marketing. Especially for them, even one failure is risky knowing how their business goes on. (They barely creates more than a single series in a year.) If you are particular fan of certain studio, those comments are the WORST way to support it.

Kadokawa is a bigger idiot, anyway. They trusted Kyoani way too much. Foolish. So foolish.

Edited: Lol what the fuck. Why people like to copy and paste my blog post so much. Not that I hate it since ima attention whore.

Wait... wh what???? MAL falling down?

Is this troll or not? If it is troll, I will delete my account for MAL just in case. Blah, nothing is lost anyway. If it isn't, well duh.

So, should I delete it? or Not?

Edited: It looks like its troll

Edited: Wait, it isn't?

[Fate/Zero] Episode 1 - Impression




Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ranting: TORE

I just saw the single most stupid question I've EVER seen.












Answer provided here.

[Fate/Zero] TODAY!!!!!!







Fuck yes, anyone?