Monday, October 24, 2011

[2hc] Gundam AGE - staff's twitter explodes with complaints after the airing of 3rd episode.

Eveything starts from Akihiro Hino's twitter;!/AkihiroHino

"Gundam AGE 1st episode is done!... I wanted to tell a story clearly and each to understand. During 2nd and 3rd episode, it will have things that was not in the original gundam series, so expect more!"

"In the interview, 1st and 2nd episode were the only thing shown, so I can't tell much detail. But 3rd episode will be GOOD! That is the first climax and it will develop into story with huge scale from 1st ep to 3rd ep."

Anyway, many AGE staffs suddenly start to say that 'please watch the series until episode 3. It is not too late to criticise after that'. We all remember how Madoka Magica's reputation swifted dramatically in its mamiru episode. It was not just Akihiro, but many other involved staffs as well;

Producer: "Anyhow, I want everyone to watch till 3rd episode. Once you watch it, you will find yourself how wants to watch more of it until the end. " - "Everyone will be surprised if you watch the development of recent episode."

Hino: "If you criticise after watching 1st and 2nd episode, I will accept it modestly." (NewType Interview)

In the past, Akihiro Hino already brought tons of 'attention' from Gun-takus for his claim that he is surprised about the claim again Gundam AGE. Thus, this media play increased so much hype for the 3rd epsiode, and everyone started to think of Madoka Magica version 2.


and it was no MadoMagi. It was... much worse than anyone's expectation. Basically, staffs made grave for themselves by this media play because...!/search/%40AkihiroHino%20
@AkihiroHino's twits is now basically just living hell. He touched someone that he should not. People are saying the twit responses are actually funnier than the episode itself. (...)

I haven't watched it, but read some summary of the story until now. It indeed looks shit.

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  1. Wait, what happened in episode 3?

    Seems very lol though.