Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fate/Zero Episode 5

You thought FateZero is a good series? You thought 4th episode was godly?

5th episode, is REVOLUTIONARY. This is what you truely call movie quality.

You guys call Kyoto Animation to have the best animation among all studio? Well it is true...



Ps: Kajiura Yuki says - Fate/Zero 5th episode is above just being amazing, it is FRIGHTENING.
Ps2: ufotable is extremely clever. They know how to maximise the quality of animation by sacrificing minor/unnoticeable bits.

Ps3: Do you guys remember Aoki Ei (Director of this series) said the role model of this series will be Movie Dark Night? If he is talking about its constant climax that never let you breath,

he definitely achieved it.

Ps4: God, how awesome that Berserker was...

*From Yaraon

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  1. but the WOAH moment is sitll when lancer spins his lance over saber's face cuttin a lil bit of her hair