Friday, October 14, 2011

Guilty Crown - dropped in ONE EPISODE

Fuckin god sake. Japan is seriously fucked up for making series like this.

Seriously, GHQ? Don't call that bullshit.

Extreme rightists are always problem in Asia. This is exact reason why I was worried about this animation when I first saw its synopsis.

Animation and action? brilliant. But setting and story? Dirty shit, no DISGUSTING.


  1. Three episode rule.

    Dropping something after one episode is just stupid.

  2. @Of course, the reason I'm dropping is not because of animation quality, it is actually because I don't want to be someone like YOU.

    I won't let Japan net-rightitst masturbate themselves. Go fuck yourself kid.

  3. I couldn't care less about any political background.

    I'll just treat everythinbg in the show as fiction, watch it and be done with it without paying a single cent.

  4. I don't think Anon was trying to be rightist... It IS prudent to use the three-episode thumb rule. I mean, if not for that, half people would have dropped Lucky Star (just to name something)...

    Though some things do are attaractive from square one.

  5. @Last Anon: That is called, being ignorant. I don't hate anyone who don't notice it, though. It is Japan who hasn't given up, trying to victimize themselves all the time, covering up their war crime with using this kind of general media.

  6. 2ch is already ranting about the lameness of ep 1
    Shit music, shit pacing, severely retarded protag

  7. 2ch ranting about anything? that's NEW.

  8. GHQ is 多国籍軍総司令部, to say the truth.
    It's interpretation from one of the magazines I was scanning searching some information on this before the first episode.

  9. Shit music? If you don't count the girls song the music was great.

  10. Since when should one's political views flavor their opinion of an anime so greatly? As if the Japanese are clever enough to actually intentionally lace a notaminA show with rightist ANYTHING. This is not a new topic, not every anime is going to be original and innovative and godly (Bakemonogatari doesn't even fit that description -- imo it is NOT Isin's best work). Get used to seeing mediocrity when it comes to the Japanese and story-telling.

    And who gives a fuck about anything 2ch says? They're just a bunch of fanboy idiots. It's not like whatever they say becomes fact or law. Quite the opposite.

    And whoever says the BGM was bad had no taste in music. Seriously.

  11. @Last Anon: Definite example of rage fag. Yey.