Monday, October 24, 2011

[Info] Imaishi Hiroyuki's (Director of TTGL) new studio name is "STUDIO TRIGGER"

Robot sequence of Idolmaster 15th episode was apparently done by 'STUDIO TRIGGER', which is a NEW STUDIO created by Imaishi Hiroyuki, Ootsuka Mashiko and other members of Gainax. To be more specific, it's studio made by staffs of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Penty & Stocking. Not just that, they are also in charge of Idolmaster 17th episode. Not just some sequences, but ENTIRE EPISODE will be directed by them. When I can't watch it due to well known shitty reasons (;_;), it would be so awesome to see it.

CEO: Ootsuka Mashiko
Company Director: Imaishi Hiroyuki
Company Director: Masumoto Kazuya 

*Idolm@ster ep. 17
Conti (Storyboard), Direction: Shibata Yuka (This guy draw entire OP sequence of Penguindrum. Crazy.)
Animation Director: Sushio (Ishijaki Toshio)

They are all members who participated in TTGL.

Gainax may be dead from now on, but their successors will never die. Everyone, remember 'STUDIO TRIGGER'. They might do something crazy again!

*Episode 17 Preview + Key drawings etc


  1. Excuse me Animapple, are you Korean who live in a certain Joseon city ?

  2. I'm Korean who lives in Australia. By the way, Koreans hate being called Joseon...^^;;

  3. Thanks, but Gainax isn't dead yet, according to Animenewsnetwork !

    Won't you write anything about that?

  5. @ines93290: But it won't be Gainax anymore.

    @Iby: Exams. I won't post blogs until it finishes.

    But it won't be that good. Black Rock Shooter is a destined trainwreck anyway.

  6. "But it won't be that good. Black Rock Shooter is a destined trainwreck anyway."


  7. And here I was hoping that scenarists from Nitro+ could balance Yamakanness...