Sunday, October 2, 2011

It seems that many people don't understand why Nichijou failed.

Basically, Otaku were tired to Kadokawa + Kyoani's business trick.

Now, I didn't know there were actually 'solid amount of fans' who actually 'enjoyed' Nichijou. Wow. I was... actually surprised. Nichijou is possibly, one of the biggest - financial - failure you can ever expect in anime industry in recent years.  Well, it won't bring Kyoani down since they still have glorious K-ON MOVIE ready for otaku rush, but knowing HOW MUCH FUCKIN MONEY MONEY MONEY they basically poured into, this is just laughable.

We had AMAZING animation with AMAZING budget, 2-cour length, OPENING SEQUENCE changing EVERY EPISODE, KADOKAWA'S outspoken, blunt and mindless marketing in order to make this animation into new trend in FORCE, not satisfying the need of consumers by including almost zero percent appeal for the merchandise, SHIT ORIGINAL CONTENT with SHIT DIRECTION and HORRIBLE pacing, unfunny comedy with tat WHATEVER HELVETICA SHIT THING and lastly, INFINITE AMOUNT OF BORDOM. That's the component of Nichijou.

( got better I admit. 2nd cour was definitely better than 1st cour,... until that HELVETTICRA thing came back.)

Well, I'm angry at this series, but not as angry as I did for Angel Beats, since sales OBVIOUSLY showed that people do know that it is a disaster created by impudent, pretentious Kadokawa and mannerism by Kyoani.

The thing that is lolworthy is that the logics that Kyoani fans use is basically something like;


"Good show never sell well, thus Nichijou is a good show!"

"I will become Kyoani's loyal fan, because they sacrificed Moe for the sake of creating good show!!'

"Sales is not a indication of reputation of Kyoani!"

What a twisted logics. IF SERIES WON'T SELL, IT MEANS NOTHING. Shit animation leads financial failure, and it leads to another shit animation. That's how it is. Kyoani lost its reputation by creating pretentious series that does not match with exaggerated marketing. Especially for them, even one failure is risky knowing how their business goes on. (They barely creates more than a single series in a year.) If you are particular fan of certain studio, those comments are the WORST way to support it.

Kadokawa is a bigger idiot, anyway. They trusted Kyoani way too much. Foolish. So foolish.

Edited: Lol what the fuck. Why people like to copy and paste my blog post so much. Not that I hate it since ima attention whore.


  1. how bad is the bd/dvd sales?

  2. I don't care, for me it was a 10/10 anime. I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end, and I'm not alone.

    1. Agreed. I was totally shocked to here that someone had such a low opinion of the show. I very much enjoyed the whole experience.

      I actually found this post while searching for Nichijou merchandise.

    2. I know. It was so good. I loved the characters. I was actually looking up the budget for Nichijou because I was impressed by the animation. Now, K-On. That kind of thing is shit. Just because something sells well does not make it good. Although I do have a soft spot for moe, if the main selling point is moe, then it's shit.

    3. A little late to the party, I know, but Nichijou is also one of my favourite series. And I've only been watching anime for, like, 30 years. Humour is always subjective, but it was funny enough to keep me coming back. Add to that touching, endearing, intelligent, surreal and surprising. Top-notch animation rounds it out. An ULTRA-WONDERFUL anime, which unfortunately won't be coming out on Bluray here due to poor ratings in Japan and Bandai's regrettable decision to pull out of N. American distribution. But, yeah, this series was SUGOI & SUBARASHII.

    4. me too 10/10, i watched it and fell in love with it no matter what they say. The sales mean nothing just because the lack of ecchi, moe, loli, or maybe blood... and people became more and more heartless these days.

    5. yus!!! too lazy to write long opinion but anime is 20/10 masterrace

  3. @Anon: I'm saying this as 'consumer's point of view.

  4. @anon
    yes, just stop claiming that the rest of world who don't agree with you are dumb. because sales number speak for themselves.

  5. Oh really? Yup, I guess we should all judge anime based on its DVD/BD sales.

    Your point is already strucken down since the reception of Nichijou is halfed. Not everyone thinks its as bad as you think it is. The reason it doesn't sell is because its not Kyoani doing the same moeshit (hence A-channel, which sold better ugh) and that their kind of gag doesn't exactly sell to everyone (like you). There's not a lot of gag anime that sell well anyway.

    Finacial failure = Duh
    Series is bad because you think its bad and of financial failure = Don't stick your opinion to facts.

  6. @ahelo: Your opinion is shit, since you said Nichijou is not moe. Nichijou WAS INDEED MOE ANIMATION, just like Bakemonogatari and Madoka Magica I adore. Everything Hakase did was never funny but kawaii uguu. Exactly, that's so called 'unfunny shit' that many K-On anti-fans use for their logics. The moment you said 'MOESHIT', instantly means there is no reason at all for me to listen your opinion, since that means you are using 'moe' as a indicator of 'quality'.

    That kind of gag doesn't sell well? Gintama + SZS + Lucky Star + Seitokai Yakuin-domo says hello. Anyway, I guess you do know their kind of gag doesn't work for everyone. The problem is, I know the original manga, and Kyoani definitely made it 'worse'. From what I remember, manga was much better in terms of pacing, gag timing, expression and so on. It never had those ridiculous Helvetica standard or one sentence joke that ruins the thing even worse.

    I'm not saying we should judge anime based on its DVD/BD, and I'm also not saying that it is the worst thing ever. I'm saying that Nichijou just DESERVES to get this kind of sales so much, for Kadokawa's greediness and Kyoani's mannerism.

  7. Fine then, IT DOESN'T CENTRALIZE ON MOE. Moeshit is a rather broad definition (why am I even defending myself) and what I mean for gag is that its not always an instant hit (Hello there Arakawa)

    And we already know that it got disappointing sales though your reasoning for why it is so is just so biased since it somehow correlates on your opinion of it.

  8. @ahelo: So you hate 'ANIMATION THAT CENTRALISES' moe? From what I know from many people I faced in anime forums, their definition of 'ANIME CENTRALISE MOE' is basically just 'SLICE OF LIFE ANIMATION with cute females'. If you are one of them who think like that, I will laugh. Plus, You are still calling moe is 'SHIT'; your opinion is thus, shit. If you know moe has broad definition, then WHY DO YOU EVEN USE IT AS PRIORITY OF JUDGMENT? Something is flawed there, right?

    My reasoning is biased? Please try to even distinguish 'FACT' and 'OPINION'. Let's say this, FACT, Kadokawa made 4 different covers for collection. FACT, Kadokawa did insane amount of advertisement. FACT, Kadokawa basically mocking Otaku for their way purchasing, thus it angered them. FACT, Kadokawa labeled 'SATISFACTION KADOKAWA' in the label of special addition product from dvd/bd. FACT, Nichijou had insane amount of budget. FACT, it was indeed voted for the 'most disappointing animation' for Spring season by 2ch.

    Now, don't fuck around. I am biased, but FACTS are not biased. These are FACTS that provides solid proof for Kadokawa's greediness and fantasy and Kyoani's ridiculous confidence level. Face it.

  9. Fact: That fucking poll also had Nichijou in the Top 5 favorite anime of that season.

    Your opinion: Nichijou failed because a lot of Otaku thought it was bad. Who's to judge who's wrong or right in what's bad or not anyway?

    Fact: Nichijoufag does not automatically equate to Kyoanifag/ not all the fans are watching it just because of Kyoto Animation.

    Moeshit is a term; Just because I said moeshit does not mean I think all moe is shit (NO WAY MAN!) And its not a priority of judgement rather its just me trying to prove a point.

    Nichijou may fail as a product but in no way does it fail as anime. Or is it your reasoning that all anime that fails in sales is automatically "shit"? And you just can't base the reception of an anime based on a poll of a number of handpick people you see that hate Nichijou the way you do because frankly there are also quite a number of people who do like Nichijou.

  10. @ahelo: Nope nope, your opinion is already useless for me since the time you even mentioned "Moe" argument in favour of supporting Nichijou. You are making no better argument than those I mentioned above in the post.

    Your listing of with ":" is just ridiculous. Using another poll against completely different poll is just lol worthy. You are calling my opinion. Again, you sure need to have your eye fixed. Please read this part that I said already.

    "I'm not saying we should judge anime based on its DVD/BD, and I'm also not saying that it is the worst thing ever. I'm saying that Nichijou just DESERVES to get this kind of sales so much, for Kadokawa's greediness and Kyoani's mannerism. "

    THAT'S MY WHOLE POINT. What you said is just excuses + repetition.

    Nichijoufag does not equate Kyoanifag? Unfortunately, that was the case when I looked through the forum. Oh, loves for Kyoani everywhere. That was actually, apparent for 2ch too. A lot of them + Kadokawa was trying to fake NicoNico view and poll and all sort of thing. Of course, you are right. Some might be fan of Nichijou without being Kyotofag. But what is ridiculous is that most of so called 'Nichijou Lovers' just blames poor taste of Japan and use moe business and "JAPANESE INDUSTRY FALLING" as their main argument. You are also one of those.

    Many number of people who liked Nichijou? Sadly, I guess they didn't like it enough to actually pay and buy the product of it~~~ Yadayada.

  11. Firstly, the fact that you used that poll (BIGLOBE if I'm not mistaken) to determine the stand of 2ch is terrible already hence I present another poll from the same maker. The poll sucked anyway.

    And I think I'm right in saying that you really are only looking at Nichijou fans who have outrages things to say since there are quite a number of people who could care less about Kyoto Animation, Kadokawa or shit and just like the damn thing.

    What you are saying now is "No my opinion is correct" + "No your opinion is wrong" by "facts" like stupid polls or some comments you've seen. Seriously if you think my eye needs fixing why not take a good look in the mirror first?

    Also you contradicted yourself when you said anime shouldn't be judged by BD/DVD and the nyou go ahead and say a sarcastic line like "I guess they didn't like it enough to actually buy the product"

    Not EVERY good/well-received anime gets sales as I've been repeating and you not understanding my point. Actually I only see this as you trying to make a point and prove to other people tat all their opinions are wrong.

    Also at the "budget" thing? How the hell is making great animation a bad thing? Frankly all studios should actually put more effort in their animation.

  12. By any objective standard, Nichijou was a failure. Worse, it was an expensive failure. The gags were stretched out too long, the character designs were bland, and the quality animation was completely pointless. To make things worse, the producer ran a marketing campaign as if it was the biggest hit ever..

    1. how can you quantify "pointlessness"? especially in a show about absurd non sequitur humor? personally I appreciate the fact they put some soul and creativity into animating the tiniest things

  13. @Ahelo: lol fuck you. You clearly did not read anything I said... AGAIN. Should I repeat this again?

    "I'm not saying we should judge anime based on its DVD/BD, and I'm also not saying that it is the worst thing ever. I'm saying that Nichijou just DESERVES to get this kind of sales so much, for Kadokawa's greediness and Kyoani's mannerism. "

    Everything you said has ABSOLUTELY, NOTHING, TO DO WITH THIS POINT. Most of your point is centering around minor details what I said, and ignoring the major bits that I truly want to force. Thus, if you are going to repeat the same thing, I will generate blog-kami-sama mode.

    And, no you. Before making me look at mirror, try to read my post better. I don't fuckin care whether you like Nichijou or not, but if you do think that Nichijou failed because it was 'NOT MOE CENTERED', you are clearly, an idiot. You have no right to prove 'your point' in thread where it clearly discusses about 'THE REASON OF NICHIJOU BEING FAIL AS A SERIES', you are seriously making statements in wrong place.

    Everything else you said? psssss. Not even real point of argument that I don't care a single bit. By the way, yes. More than majority Gaijin fans don't buy DVD or BD. That is the thing that everyone agrees. So, if they are going to complain Japan's taste issues and whatever shit, I'm definitely going to laugh, regardless of series being judge buy its sales or not. I contrasted NOTHING.

    @Last Anon: That summarises most of my point too. For me, only thing that was more than average in that series was ridiculously good animation (but never did anything due to shit directions) Mai-chan. It's a series with gag that I just don't even understand, at all.

  14. Pacing is bad, not funny, etc = Subjective. Subjective for you. Fact.

    No matter where I see people discussing Nichijou, people seems to be polarizing into a very good show or a trash. So my conclusion is, Nichijou is a hate or love anime. You hated it, many hated it too, but many loved it. Don't judge your opinion as the only truth, that only makes you look stupid...Helped with that ammount of caps which makes this looks more like an another internet drama.

    Well, but if we're talking about why it failed financially, that's a different issue. Too bad you bring the discussion into another personal score-justification to an art media, which is always subjective.

  15. @Last Anon: Well, I do know what is subjective and what is objective. It's like "I hated the series = Subjective" + "I think this series deserves financial failure = Based on truth".

    1. On what truth?
      That you think the anime was shit?
      If so, that in itself is subjective as well.

  16. I know you know about it. But mixing your subjective and objective into a same pot IMO isn't a good idea...Well,just my random rant

  17. @Anon: Well yeah. Since people get emotional in internet. I LOVE original Nichijou manga, it seriously PAINS ME how they think Kyoani did god job for adaptation, when it is already inferior than its manga.

  18. I can't get rid of the though that people at the Kadokawa/Kyoani though that it's time to desert moe and make something else (while K-on the movie still being good plan B). I really can't side with you as I think Nichijou is absurdly well directed with the rythm of the comedy being downaright unique. Nichijou is unique show which I really enjoyed, which certainly has nothing to do with your post and now I lost my point.

    Also, you can't really blame Kadokawa for being foolish or whatnot. We're talking about Kyoani, a studio that has always been ahead of its time with shitloads of hit animes. If some trust hasn't build up, then it's just unfair.

  19. Whatever you say anon, means almost nothing when it doesn't sell.

    I'm interested on how it would sell on the west as I hear they're licensing it. Would it be as vocal as the fandom? (tempted to say fandumb, but I yield).

  20. you must also dislike FLCL and azumanga daioh as well >.>

  21. @Anon: FLCL and Azumanga daioh is one of my favourite series.

  22. Weird. So if a show did not show well, it means nothing?

    Too bad, I'm a big fan of anime like Chihayafuru, Tatami Galaxy and Mawaru Penguindrum. They did not sell much like big hits. But oh damn, they're excellent. Sometimes the target audience is just outside the normal target audience for anime.

    It's true that not everything that did not sell well is art, but normally, art did not sell well.

    On the topic of Nichijou, I think it's biggest flaw is just being boring. I did not make me laugh, I did not feel it funny, and it seemed outside of fun I cannot get anything else from it.

    1. @Anon: Well, I agree with you. I did do some bad generalization with 'shit animation sells less'.

  23. Hello. I think Nichijou wasn't a failure. It was re-edited for Japan's public TV, NHK, and re-broadcast upon viewer's request, so it reached much wider audience than usual late night anime. There are several reasons why DVD / Bluray didn't sell much as they were hoped to.
    a) Japan wasn't quite ready for surrealistic gag at the time of earthquake disaster
    b) Blurays are expensive an Kadokawa included just 2 episodes each; completing the series would cost as much as 1,000USD. Additions in the DVD of stupid cart chases including the Kadokawa producer made fans angry.
    c) Short episodes of gag were illegally uploaded and officially broadcast on internet channel; therefore people didn't have to buy Blurays. It was re-edited and broadcast on NHK- people just needed to record it.
    d) Chan-Mio and Yukko weren't Moe like how late night otakus wanted them to be

  24. nichijou is great.

  25. You sir, DISGUST me.
    Nichijou is ONE of the best, funniest, well done anime I have ever watched in my life and trust me, I've seen many. I have no idea how in the world you can give such a horrible review when the animation, the music, the concept, the characters, EVERYTHING was absolutely fantastic. Honestly, I am so surprised that Nichijou didn't sell well because it is a great anime and the creators deserve to get profit and the fans deserve to get season 2 and so on. I mean, I can understand if they priced the items too high but seriously, how can you criticize it so much?
    Now please, stop acting like a child and learn to write good reviews.Using strong language won't help you make a point at all.

  26. confirmed for shit taste

  27. Definitely an issue with OPs taste, I thoroughly enjoyed nichijou it's one of the best I've seen, I was so shocked when I heard about the sales figures; same for WataMote

  28. I really feel like the humor of Nichijou goes over alot of people's heads. Especially the subtleties of characters like Mai-Chan. I've never found even the slightest bit of humor in any anime, but almost every episode of nichijou is funny to me. The people who think it is gag humor are seriously taking it at face value. Reading in this thread about Kadokawa and Kyoani, I have to say I have never heard of either of them before yet this is my favorite show. I pay absolutely no attention to the industry. I just watch the shows. The japanese truly do not have the palette for the humor of this show coincidentally. 2chan hates it yet 4chan loves it. Why do you think that is? The writer of this article and the people in this comment box are doing nothing but advertising their opinions and trying to force a nichijou hate circle jerk. I see no reason to use sales as a mark of quality. If such were the case, Justin Bieber would be considered one of the highest points in musical quality.

  29. I'd have to say one of the most biased posts I've ever seen. You're basically saying it was a shit animation because it's sales sucked and you hated it. People as conceited as you really have no place making blogs, since they bring nothing to the table in terms of creative and thoughtful discussion, other then "THIS SUCKS BECAUSE I HATE IT"

  30. Kyoani-fag mass rush is funny as hell.

    Hohoho well, if anyone can laugh at Helvetica Standard, any comedy show will work for them.

  31. This just in, anime fan who thinks they're too good for anime didn't like anime but writes about anime, also is barely literate. Film at 11.

  32. I enjoyed the anime a lot actually.
    If a friend of mine hadn't pointed it out I would have never even noticed it.
    I will admit the HELTIVICA was a tad annoying but it doesn't ruin the show. The whole show is about exaggeration of people's reactions due to lack of or increase of relationship or social skills and it made the show quite enjoyable. For example the part where Nano almost bumps into a guy the whole city blows up; it was an exaggeration but if I was in her place that would be my interpretation also.
    Over all the art was appealing and the character build was alright and that's because as I stated before the show focuses on relationships and situations that evolve friendships.
    The show isn't just gags, it's more of how some people deal with situations type of anime. This could be proven by looking at the main characters,

    Mai is quiet smart but doesn't know how to interact with others or show emotion.

    Yuuko is a slacker and a troublemaker/finder. She can't help but over think things.

    Mio is almost normal and is a dreamer. She has talents but is easily angered. She always wants privacy.

    Nano wants to experience the world but always has her fear stopping her.

    Hakase is innocent but evil. She knows what she wants and can get it. She is like an oblivious genius.

    Each one of these girls is like a representation of different types of high school teens, just hyperbolic. They each act according to personality and the fact they are teens. To a teen most situations are like "the world would end depending on my decision, action and result"
    Unfortunately you cannot base the shows rating and if the fans like it based on sales. It has been proven that many things start out disliked or unwanted only to in the future become a hit with the fans, examples would be 'Invader Zim', 'Battle Royale', etc.
    I absolutely loved the show and it will always be one of my favorites!

  33. How can you not like Nichijou? I thought it was a masterpiece and deserved way more sales. Its one of the only anime I genuinely laughed at.