Monday, October 24, 2011

Ranting: Fairy Tail 256 -... my god...

Hiro Mashima's story telling is...getting even worse. I just can't believe that.

I remember Rave Master. It is still, one of my favourite battle manga. Well, it still had so many flaws just like Fairy Tail, but in here, there was unique ideas, good comedy, at least 'SOME' sensible development and most of all, touching, overwhelmingly moving scenes. At least, sStory was flowing 'FORWARD' and about 99% of foreshadowing that was built from the start was all recollecting and solved. I still remember that last scene of Sieg Heart, which gave me so many chills and tears. It is in fact, one of the best scene I've seen in any manga, right next to many other scenes (...) from One Piece. The built up of rivalry, friendship, sacrifice and death, searching for the past, family, revenge and forgiving... Everything was there. When it might be criticised for being generic cliche shonen manga, it was also a series that showed its maximum potential under the cliche, which made it to become one of favourite of all time.

Now, Fairy Tail, aka HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT, is only going downhill. This is so different from how Rave Master's quality went better by its volume. The recent chapter and development of Fairy Tail was just compilation of all the bad things that Hiro Mashima can do. Well... from now on, there would be spoilers, so I will hide it.


Mashima apparently did 7 years TIME SKIP... out of NOWHERE, out of CIRCUMSTANCE, out of ANY SENSIBLE THINKING. What the hell is he THINKING?... Now, what I saw in recent 3 or 4 chapters was basically this:

1. Fairy tail members disappears!
 2. Remaining members cry...!!!
3. out of NOWHERE, SEVEN YEARS AFTER, other guild guys just came and says Fairy Tail is alive.
4. Fairy Tail whatever island suddenly just APPEARS.
5. Fairy Tail is regrouped again and everyone cries.





No kidding. THAT WAS IT. Now, even more funnier is that 1st leader of Fairy Tail is suddenly ALIVE and Lucy's dad is suddenly DEAD and Lexus is now suddenly just BACK without any development and someone suddenly falls in love with JUVIA and someone is MARRIED and...whatever. this is just chaos, as there are just too many characters. The time skip actually DOUBLED the amount of characters we need to memorise...>_> There is no emotion, there is no foreshadowing, it has nothing that was good about Rave Master.

I mean seriously. What's point of this TIME SKIP? Characters are basically SAME. NOTHING CHANGED. Only thing changed is that they gave 7 years of PREPARATION TIME to their villains. Oh wait, because Fairy Tail has already defeated the most powerful guild, maybe Hiro Mashima needed to make NEW ONES, thus doing time skip. HOW CONVENIENT! >_>... This is called covering up a plot hole using even bigger plot hole.

It is so sad that Hiro Mashima clearly has no idea how to build up his series. He must go back to the start where he started, and think why Rave Master was loved by many people.


  1. Lol, I thought you stopped reading Fairy Tail. No wonder you didn't complain when the time skip happened, cause you haven't read it yet. lol.

    Well, the latest chapter was quite good as it shows the consequences of the time skip. Besides, the arc is only just starting.

    Also, there were never any new characters! (Except the new rival guild), all of those character that's suddenly appearing appeared in the previous arcs! xD [Notably the Oracion Seis arc]

  2. I'm glad I found another Rave Master fan who doesn't find Fairy tail appealing. Without any forward momentum, you can't really build an interesting story. This time skip reminds me of the arc in Hitman Reborn where the main cast travels forward in time.

    A time skip isn't something you do at the drop of a hat. You have to prepare the story so everything can move forward. That's why it works so well in One Piece and to a lesser extent Naruto. It allows the characters to grow at a believable rate.

  3. Yep, the only possible reason to it is because mashima running out of idea for villain and plot.

  4. So One Piece does it and now everyone wants to?

    I KNOW OP didn't invent time-skips, but they weren't used as much as when Oda did it.

    (though, to be fair, it was the Naruto guy who went and made the first "recent" timeskip)

    God, I hate Timeskips, and I'm oh-so happy I don't read Fairy Tail (which is kinda bad, since it was picking my interest)

  5. wut? time skip happen left and right in manga world, just because you don't read one with it doesn't mean it's booming because OP did it.

    time skip could be justified given the right setting and plot, but on fairy tail it happen just because.

    I swear this author becoming more and more like Tite Kubo by the day (not-having plotwise).

  6. its getting ridiculous these days.