Monday, October 24, 2011

Ranting: Guilty Crown ep 2 - The Shadow of Code Geass

Just writing this since I met some hilarious arguments on the internet.People are comparing Guilty Crown and Code Geass for a reason. Basically, staffs are trying to make Code Geass syndrome - version two. And when I say 'version two', it's not story, or concept-wise. I mean its success and impact-wise. When I don't usually like comparing animations each other during its early episodes, this series just screams for comparison anyway.

Episode 2 basically revealed every single possible problems that this series could've had. That is called, 'mannerism'. Staffs of this series brings back many ideas they used from Code Geass, well that's fine. At least way episode showed up did not really remind me any particular scenes from Code Geass. The problem? Every single bits from the series is inferior to what Code Geass had. The fact that director is clearly using ideas based on his previous work, Code Geass, means that they have actual 'motivation' to surpass that series. It's just not doing it.

What made it worse, is its quality animation. Honestly, I'm seeing deja-vu  of Nichijou here; even though quality is breaking through the heaven, all of those quality scenes are neither amusing, nor interesting. In Nichijou, the reason for that was horrible pacing and hit-or-miss comedy. In Guilty Crown, the problems are characters and atmosphere. Just look at the main character. It is certainly clear that the entire series will base on growth of the protagonist, like Eureka Seven. I think it will not really work well in Guilty Crown's setting and concept. That's because we all somewhat know that he has incredible power anyway. When person with broken power needs time for 'mental grow', viewers feel annoyance and anger, that's a usual pattern. Just try to think why Lelouche is still popular until now and described to be one of the best male characters. Atmosphere? When they clearly had some opportunity to make so much development/setting establishment, and most of all, creating some mood and tension for viewers attention, they just wasted this 2nd episode, imo.

When it's just 2nd episode, it just lacks so much 'haki' compare to Code Geass. Simple as that. When I did not particularly like Code Geass, I could still understand why it is very good/masterpiece by some. Guilty Crown is showing very weak start, and I doubt this will satisfy its previous hype.


  1. "It should have be better" is something I expect to hear a lot when people talk about this show. Especially now that we're getting into what were the weaker parts of Code Geass, the school segments.

  2. Yeah I agree on the point that Guilty Crown is using elements that made Geass popular but just worse execution.

    In any case it's still only the 2nd episode so you never know... the next episodes may really be better.