Friday, October 7, 2011

Ranting: Possibility of Kami-Nomi getting a 3rd season?

Unless god bless us, I say it is almost impossible, sadly. It was already split-2-cour project, and when it gives reliability in sense that Studio can improve quality, having long-term-plan for a series + having a break of 3 months means they are taking risks for having those improvements. Kami Nomi sales was not a hit. When we call 'break even point' and 'manabi-line', even if the sales goes above it by a bit, it is still bad sales as there is almost no profit made anyway. Kami Nomi 2nd cour sold even worse. >_>

So, we should all blame shit called manglobe. ;_;


  1. Why would you blame Manglobe? You should be thankfull to them producing even 2 seasons of this.
    Otaku are to blame for. They didn't buy the BD's and that's why, a third season is almost impossible.

  2. Manglobe did a good job on it. But just because something is good doesn't mean it will sell well. This is sadly what happened with Kaminomi.

    Manglobe is not the one to blame.

  3. If you want to blame otaku you would have to consider WHY they didn't but it in the first place. Manglobe IS the one to blame. You can't blame otaku for not wanting to buy something that became shit anyway. The anime had promise but went downhill pretty fast, in pacing, casting, 'romance', atmosphere was sort of ruined too. Though the casting was okay, only 1 or 2 had crap voices.

  4. @Last Anon: That's what I was going to say.

    Flawed logics everywhere, since Kami Nomi was already decent seller from the start, with a lot of definite otaku pandering/appeals. If manglobe didn't screw it, no way it wasn't going to sell.