Friday, October 28, 2011

[Reading 2ch] - reactions to episodes - Autumn season 1

Posting for my brain.

Just remind you that I haven't watched any of these episodes

Haganai ep 4: RIKA!!!! FUKUEN MISATO!!! HAZUKASHI!!!!

Idolm@ster ep 17: Makoto kami-episode. (*Hibiki...T___T...)
(*Fun fact: There was rumour that director Nishigori is a fan of Makoto, and it was definitely true seeing him doing direction, layout, conti (storyboard), key drawing, basically everything for ED animation.... ^^;;; He is abusing his power... in a good way.)

Mirai Nikki ep 3: Holy shit Yuno...

Guilty Crown ep 3: Gags were fun! Inori Kawaii!!!!





  1. "Just remind you that I haven't watched any of these episode"

    Do it faggot!.

    And drop your shitty C3.

  2. But you can continue to watch few episodes of C3 until you realize to judge. Drop it after until you have time to watch !

  3. Fuck you guys. I hate you guys. C3 is awesome.

  4. C3 is kinda good, indeed.