Monday, October 10, 2011

[Review] Fall season impression - [SPOILERS]

Fall season animation so far has been truly brilliant. I would like to say some of my impression for the series. Just impressions for those who has already watched the series. Thus, spoiler would be everywhere...


Fate/Zero: What can I say? It has brilliant character design that portray's Takeuchi's drawing in the best possible way. Urobuchi quality psychopath Caster + Ryunosuke combi is just priceless. Seriously, Cthulhu? Urobuchi's love for Lovecraft shall go forever. It's still have with dialog and still have with introduction, but that's how all the epic series starts for the epic development and epic ending. Remember F/UBW? You remember how everyone criticised it for having zero care for non-VN/anime viewers and basically skipped every single explanation? It would be funny when Fate series is finally doing something that is actually caring for the watchers and explain things with detail, and people criticise it for being boring. Well, to be honest, even with those dialog, it was never boring at least for me. The tension was very, VERY high. There are many likable characters such as Rider the man and moe moe Waver. I also like this rivalry between Kiritsugu and Kotomine portrayed in the first episode as well.

and... poor Kariya... >_>

C3: 1st episode, imo, was confusing. When I did praise it a lot in other posts, there were definitely something seriously lacking about the episode, and it was 'the script'. Script is badly written. Series composition is also, just.... bad. This is something that Oonuma Shin always suffered from since Ef to Baka to Test.

However, Fear was adorable... until brilliant psycho swift. When Oonuma did tons of errors when making proper troll episode during the 1st + start of 2nd episode, it was still refreshing. I mean, just turn off your brain! Anime is for fun! Why don't enjoy pantsu shots, loli, psycho and gore at the same time? It's good!

Persona 4: I would say, it was a bit of disappointment. Well, animation quality was definitely good and everything, but main character annoyed me. However, I would reserve saying anything about this series until next episode.

Bento: This would be animation which needs everyone's head turned-off when watching it. It was... BRILILILILIANT. It is over-the-top, so ridiculous, so idiotic and SO HILARIOUS. Race for half price Bento was so serious, it's not even funny any more, it is 'BEAUTIFUL'. Action scenes have some nice directions that I loved, girls are sexy. Loved the episode a lot.


Sadly... I haven't anything else yet due to my exam whatever things. I watched a bit of Haganai, which sort of disappointed me. I didn't try Horizon thing after I read on 2ch where all the original novel fans say things like 'if you read novel, then there is no problem!'. Nope, if it's an animation that needs previous knowledge to learn in order to watch, I would pass. I would rather read novel and don't touch animation.


  1. You don't need to read the novel to understand the Horizon anime, just wait until things are explained.

  2. >Persona 4 animation quality was definitely good and everything

    It was rather disappointing actually. There was some noticeable QUALITY in several scenes. It started to look better near the end when they went inside the TV, but it was most certainly not the movie quality animation that you talked about in an earlier post.

    I hope they're just saving their budget for the dungeon episodes or something.

  3. Don't watch Horizon. It's a piece of shit.