Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Toyosaki Aki stalked - boy friend found!!!" - WTF are they THINKING?

I was really scared yesterday, due to this;

We already know how creepiest shit Japanese Seiyuu otakus are. Basically what happened, is that this single miserable idiot-stalker-human_trash obviously stalked Taketasu Ayana and Toyosaki Aki, and found out they had boyfriend.

That's it.

But somehow, these bunch of freaks/idiots in Japan has some fantasy - thinking all seiyuus should remain virgin just like all 2D characters are. I won't bring in Hirano Aya issue here (since some of the reaction got worsened by her own attention-seeking twitter messages), but that stalking guy clearly deserves more than death.

What the fuck are they thinking? Thank you 2ch. Because of you guys, I learn those exact type of person that I would NEVER, EVER WANT TO BECOME.


  1. Anime Otaku: Cool guy
    Touhou Otaku: Often crazy, but still cool guy
    Idol Otaku: Creepy, creepy motherfuckers.

  2. Well all we can do is pray for their safety and continue supporting them..