Tuesday, November 15, 2011

[Kami Nomi] Chapter 166 :... Oh...My...God...

I can't believe this. Keima just became ultimate human trash ever. It's almost like Wakaki just throw away portrayal of himself into HELL. Keima is now in reality. Everything is going almost polar opposite of what I expected. However, you know what, that does make hell a lot of sense, really.

Now, story is taking School Days route. You know what that mean. Keima is totally screwed. Every single flag he raised for Chihiro AND Ayumi just got destroyed permanently. I've always said that Wakaki is very clever with long-term serialisation, but I'm now totally clueless how far this crisis will go on and effect their relationship as a whole.

Finally, Keima is now no longer god. He is creepy otaku himself, in creepy reality. Just like Wakaki himself when he was hikikomori NEET. We remember how Keima decided to become 'Ghost' instead of 'God'. That's exactly what happened. Keima's cold and logical way of thinking finally backfired, and he is gone know.

and NOW, we are finally get to see Keima's TRUE-SELF from now on, and opens hell a lot of ways to solve various baits that involves Keima. What a clever move, Wakaki.

"Higher than god, Lower than human".


  1. The series itself just seems to be going from generic shounen harem, to something a lot more realistic and heart-felt. Generic cheesy shounen is good, but it doesn't leave an impression like the cold hard truth. I'm honestly looking forward to what more he could bring to the table.

  2. @Anon: Dude, Kami Nomi was never generic shonen harem. There was a reason why the most popular character of series was Keima, 'MALE', instead of all the other girls who revolves around.

    In any other Harem, the focus of the series is all female characters. Not in Kami Nomi.

  3. Oh god, my sentiments exactly! I thought he'd take the Chihiro route but abandoning it halfway is never a good idea. I can't wait for more~!

  4. I don't think Keima honestly wanted to drop Chihiro as hard as he did but still had to for some reason. Before he did that, he was even doubting whether he should play with her feelings and play off what happened as a misunderstanding, which is a lot weaker than what he ended up doing. I believe in Keima. But it's also possible that he doubted wanting to drop it half-assed and just wanted an all-out drop from Chihiro.

    All I can say for sure is that the series itself hasn't been degraded. I really want to keep reading more.

  5. Ow...This is seriously gonna be a huge turning point. Unlike games, actions in reality have severe repercussions. I freaking love it though. I've been keeping up with this series since chapter 1, and its been completely well worth it.

  6. No, I'm sure that he's touched by Chihiro's love for him. And the grand reason for that rejection is to not involve her on this now dangerous hunt of Spirit.