Sunday, November 27, 2011

[Nisemono] ED song - ClarisS x ryo from SUPERCELL

ClariS from Madoka OP and Ryo from Supercell will be involved in ending theme of Nisemonogatari. I almost died. I love you Aniplex. The name of the them will be "ナイショの話" - Secrete story. Sort of sequel to the Bakemono ending I guess?

You can see new trailer - here;


  1. I just want "Watashi he" to be involved in some way to the series.

  2. i died and got revived seeing hitagi, nadeko and class rep-chan in this post of urs

  3. Known about this for a while(I have a good source who somehow manages to keep up with anything he loves(SHAFT).

    Highly anticipating this series(As well as kizumonogatari)