Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ranting: just A question.

If you play Starcraft II, you are likely to see nude of this female ghost.
What do you think of me? What's the impression that I have on internet? Not something obvious like 'gore spammer' or 'rage fag' or whatever. Well, I'm clearly not gore spammer, but yes I am a rage fag.

The image I'm trying to achieve is someone with superior opinion who is not stupid. That's all, but judging from my foot steps in this blog, it is impossible to achieve.

My IQ is almost 140 but EQ is one of the lowest

Why am I saying this
I still fail at English *sigh


  1. Eh, I like you, I'm a shaftfag myself so this blog serves as a good news source because I'm too lazy to look for better ones (ANN an shitkaku ugh).

    Your opinions are fine. Though I did like Nichijou.

  2. This post might get a lot of bad comments, lol.

    I like you too lul, because of the info and how regularly you post. Although your English sucks, it's interesting to read. It's like a stream of thoughts haha.

    You provide some interesting info and opinions. I didn't know Manglobe = death studio (?) though o_o And sometimes you're just crazy.

    The only reason why is because I don't mind others opinions, even if I get butthurt.

    Also most of the things you watch and like are similar to mine. And btw, I was the last anon in the Kaminomi 3rd season rant.

  3. Oh, and sometimes the stuff you say is stupid because you make BIG assumptions. That's about it.

  4. I like you since you're not afraid to voice out your opinion. But if you think about it, you're like one of those many raging otaku. Your blog is interesting since you post stuff that's not usually on ANN... kinda like SC but you're more openly biased, I guess. Also without the NSFW.

    Your english is fine. I still resent you for disliking Fairy Tail but it's somehow justified.

    plus your a shaft fag which is a pluuus.

  5. Rage all you want. I see no reason not to read occasionally.
    Besides, shaft fag is a plus :)

  6. We can feel the passion in your posts. Insteresting opinions. Sometimes too much hardcore otaku for me, but I'm not a pure fan of manga/anime anymore.
    Keep this energy, it is always fun to read your blog.
    LMEP from France (where women aren't hairy).

  7. I agree with most of your opinions.
    Your English is shit.

  8. You sometimes come off as a narcissistic egoist who believes his opinions are the one and only truth. Other times, you come off as someone who has a strong belief on things and hold your opinions in high regard. Not that either differs. However, I feel you do accept your mistakes at times and move on building your opinions upon them, gathering more knowledge to further educate yourself.

    Either way, I'm not one to judge a person. I find your posts funny, witty, sarcastic at times and interesting to read. That's all that really matters. Whether or not you're a good person or not(High likeable you are) hardly matters.

    This is one of those self-masturbation posts though. Feeling a lack of confidence lately? Because you shouldn't. Your opinions are respected within many of fellow anime/manga enthusiasts. And as you can tell from the above posts, you are well-liked, myself being one of your nuthuggers.

  9. Like illumi said, sometimes you cross the line between assertive and ass, but I think you're fine.

    And I'm a BIG fan of SHAFT, so this Blog is very relevant to me.

  10. @illumi: Well, it's not confidence issue. It's just for some fun. It is true that posts like this kinda motivates me to posts some more goods stuffs in the blog.

    Oh, and main reason was actually to point of some of the trolls who 'REALLY THINK' that I'm gorespammer in 4chan.

  11. I like your "researches" and agree with most of you opinions. They are not stupid, but some of them too obvious (for me).

    I think all readers of this blog are Shaft fans. Shaft produce very good modern commercial animation with great visuals and interesting stories. But for new works they need more different directors, more experiments, not only Shinbo-style.

    Anyway, thanks for your blog.
    And sorry for my english. Its so bad, i know.