Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reading Yankee-kun to Megane-chan - Die, Hiro Mashima.

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...author is Yoshikawa Miki. I haven't seen the ending which everyone said it is rushed, but I'm currently reading its 50th chapter. Everyone knows that Yoshikawa Miki is an assistant of Hiro Mashima, and how her drawing suddenly got so many influence from him.

and you know what?...

It's far better than Fairy Tail... even Rave Master. YankeeMegane-chan has everything that makes of good shonen manga. Characters with reasonable and believable background, characters with definite and fixed personality and traits, clear messages, character development, use of open and ambiguous setting for the infinite possibility of ideas, unique premise and setting. These are the components that I think that makes decent shonen manga.

Fairy Tail? Characters with unreasonable and 1-demensional background, characters with random, unexplained and unpredictable personality and traits, no-message, no character development, use of extremely restricted and fixed setting of guild for the no possibilty of ideas outside of proper setting. Only thing I can say that it kept is unique premise and setting.



  1. Reading through it due to this post. Really digging it.

  2. I agree, she's a far better author than Mashima. I suspect tha she also influence most of good things in Rave and explain how Fairy Tail could be so bad.