Tuesday, November 8, 2011

[WRRRYYYYYYYYYYYY] Mado Magi film confirmed.


Unconfirmed Confirmed Information from New Type Megazine: 

3 movies: 2 recap of TV series, 1 original.

Iwakami: Urobuchi was already writing 2-season plot during TV series airing
Urobuchi: One written as sequel was less in amount then 1st cour.
Editing group: Plot won't be changed
Shinbo: My mouth is tickling, but I can't say anything about it.

The new plot: It is based on ideas that Urobuchi cannot write just by himself.

Anno Hideaki: I like Kyuube.

(and this confirms another 3 years of another Hell that staffs of Shaft will suffer....)


  1. I was literally jumping and crying when I heard this news.....

  2. WTF? What more story is there to tell?

    And a couple of "Ultimate Madoka" movies? Maybe in the second one the ending will make sense XD

    Just kidding, Madoka's ending was ok.

    But seriously, what other story could they tell? A crossover with that spin-off manga?

  3. @Phantom Renegade
    The original script for chapter 10 was long enough for a 40 min episode.
    The 1st will be a resume of the 9 first episodes (probably). The 2nd will be "real" 10th episode, and the last one a new ending/continue

  4. Wait a minute.

    Are you saying Gen was writing a two-season sequel for PMMM while the anime was airing, and the third movie is a season from that sequel that would have been too short to fit in twelve episodes?

  5. >>(and this confirms another 3 years of another Hell that staffs of Shaft will suffer....)
    Being employed by Shaft is suffering.

    On the employment applications for Shaft, there is a check box that asks "Are you a hard M? Y/N" If you check Y, you are hired on the spot.

  6. @Universalperson: Here is actual translation, which did it better than I would. So check it.

  7. read TWGOK latest chapter!!!

  8. lol I liked the Anno part xD

  9. Meh.

    Now, moving on...