Sunday, December 4, 2011

[KamiNomi] Chapter 169 - Genius Wakaki.

...Wakaki, you are too good with this... Foreshadowing everything from the start of the series.

Emblem = Drawn detailed in the first chapter.
Demeter = Name of the place which sells omu-soba bread.
Hakua = "This place is used to be ancient battle field"
Theater = Only place that was not rebuilt.

This chapter is all about solving problem that people might have been thought as a plot hole - Why weiss capturing squad is all around Maijima city? Why all goddess are in a single place?, this sort of things. Very clever, Wakaki.

Now, here are some parts that could be interesting plot device for establishing the setting of Maijima city;

1. "Akanemaru" - That ship where Keima + Chihiro had the ending. It's really strange how that ship is just... there. It's just weird; must have reason for it.
2. Hakua - There is high possibility that Keima will meet Hakua from the cave when Keima saw group of weiss.
3. Nikaido and Rimyuel - I think they will start to act one step forward of Keima's group.


  1. Totally agree with everything you told!
    It seems some people can't connect the dots and think this development in chapter 169 is out of place, though.
    Kami nomi's plot is more complex and well organized than they believe, imho.

    Ryuutai. :)

  2. About the theater, it seems it was built before the school.
    Now it has a different shape, probably because it has been restructured partially.


  3. I seem to recall someone saying that Wakaki has been preparing for the Goddess arc since Ayumi's debut, just waiting for it to be told at the right time. Anyways, Wakaki, you're a genius!