Monday, December 19, 2011

Ranting: Sankaku likes to distort things...

To the comments - Do not believe Wikipedia for god sake. A lot of them went war of editing by Japanese rightists and its almost to level of fantasy for a few cases.

Secondly, Japanese never appologised. Never did. They never appologised to anything they did, instead covering up everything. All those comments by Artefact stinks with weebooism, false information on Asian history as a whole, and not even able to detect which is fact and which is right.

Thirdly, entire incident is just so exaggerated, it does not even make me laugh. This event is not even a gossip in Korea, since Japanese extreme rightists tackles with basically everything Korea does that is related to anything that is called history, thus we are almost to level of insensitive. Such a moronic post.

PS. Oh, and Kim Jung Ill died. Now only hoping that war does not happen.
PS 2. If you don't know about 'comfort woman', just see some of pictures 'here'.

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