Tuesday, January 10, 2012

[Info] Library War Movie - Official website open


Movie of Library War by Arikawa Hiro had its official website open. Director will be Hamada Takayuki (who the hell is he?) and script will be composed by Kunuta Kenji. Of course, it's Kadokawa x Production IG production.

But honestly, I don't care.

[Nisemono] Nisemonogatari is 11 episode total - Shinbo wants animate all the monogatari series.

Self-explanatory. Nisemonogatari will be 11 episode total comparison to Bakemonogatari with 15, and Shinbo also wants to animate every single of them.

I bet it would take like 10 years to finish all of them...

Finally, as everyone knows.

Banned from MAL. Kinda expected this whenever I was flaming bunch of shit noobs.

Awww. My joy of internet life is gone now. Where should I start my flame war again? ._.

Edited: And you know what this means. I will actually be more active in this blog.