Thursday, March 1, 2012

[Video] Ani-song medley - Memories..

*Bolded ones that I know

Connect from Madoka Magica
God Knows from Suzumiya Haruhi
Only My Railgun from Railgun
Seikan Hikou from Macross F
Makka na Chikai from Buso Renkin
Orion wo Nazoru from Tiger & Bunny
Butter-fly from Digimon Adventure
Motteke Sailor Fuku from Lucky Star
Fuwa Fuwa Jikan from K-On

Cruel Angel's Thesis from Evangelion
Chala Head Chala from Dragonball Z
Kimi ga Suki da to Sakebitai from Slam Dunk
Yuzurenai Negai from Rayearth
Geki! Teikoku Kageki-dan! from Sakura Wars
Sobakasu from Rurouni kenshin
Mesaze! Pokemon Master
We Are from One Piece
Moonlight Densetsu from Sailor Moon

Old Stories of Japan from Old Stories of Japan
Ningentte Iina from Old Stories of Japan
Doraemon's song from Doraemon
Kinnikuman Go Fight from Kinnikuman
Odoru Ponpokorin from Chibi Maruko Chan
Cat's Eye from Cat's Eye
Touch from Touch
The Theme of Lupin The Third


Lots of memories...

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