Monday, May 28, 2012

[Review] Haiyore! Nyaruko-san - XEBEC POWAH

"Nyarlathotep!! MOE BEAM!!

Nyarlathotep has evolved to Nyaruko-san!

Nyaruko-san uses "MY BOOB CAN SWITCH FROM A TO C!"


...I can't parody... (sigh)

Anywayzzz, Nyaruko is probably the ONLY series I like that is produced from xebec. It's just damn fun. Except for the fact I have Hastur since it is yooooooooooooo, nothing of it has disappointed me so far.

However, I don't really like how it is getting a bit of romance elements. BOOO! I WANT CHAOSSSS!! TEKELI LI!!! TEKELI LI!!!


[Hyouka] Ep 6 - Half Slice-of-life + Half Mystery = Achieves nothing.

When I was watching this episode, I start to think that if Kyoto Animation made something that is 100% slice-of-life like K-On with this sakuga, direction and bling-bling Eru-chan instead of Hyouka, it would have gathered a lot more interest and popularity. Seeing recent pre-order ranking of it, it seem that it won't even sell over 10,000. IDK really. I know a lot of people are saying something like these;

"Hyouka isn't slice of life! That's why I'm liking it!"
"It's only 6 episode and mystery always need more time to expose."
"It has original novel so judging it early on without reading it is stupid."

...True story. Those are the things I've seen through forums - by Hyouka lovers. Not going to refute those claims, since they are not making any sense anyway.

I mean, I just don't get what this animation is trying to do. It tries be mystery with riddle solving and ISCREAM, it tries to be slice of life with everything else that the club members are doing so far, and it tries to be moe with tat ending and bling bling Eru-chan. I mean, which part should I focus on? Mystery part has been all boring (at least for me), slice-of-life part is slightly more interesting but still not getting any proper thematic direction so far, Eru alone cannot make it proper moe-blob series. It is not perfect as a mystery, it is not perfect as a slife-of-life series, it is not even perfect as moe series. 50% of A + 50% of B doesn't make it 100%. It just makes it 50% of A + B. That's major issue with this series.

This episode still fail to deliver the direction it wants to take. I know Kyoani is supposed to be slave of Kadokawa thus forced to animate novel that is already 10 years old. Still, tThey have a lot of other series they are so much better at animating. They are wasting their energy.

At least Nichijou - they were experimenting. They were at least making use of a lot of new animators and build wide range of direction and style. But most of all, it was at least slice of life comedy series from the start to the end and it had its proper identity. In case of Hyouka, it has been wanna-be mystery animation that is actually just ordinary slice-of-life series, if I judge from the first 6 episodes. With that sort of appeal, it can't success. Of course, Hyouka is still more interesting than Nichijou since Nichijou is just eh. But remember, Kyoani was once known for extremely great at adapting novels/manga and make it even more popular with 'Kyoani buff'.

Currently, I decided to recognise Hyouka as moe blob series since it makes me feel better watching Eru-chan's moment than thinking more about tons of issues I have with this I don't really have any promising plot I can think of, coming from this kind of setting the series has. But hey, I might get rewarded at the end for not dropping it and trusting Kyoani..... if it is actually possible.

(PS. I watched Suzumiya Haruhi again recently. It also had all three - Slice of life, bit of mystery from episode mixing and moe. The reason that these genre could integrate was due to CHARACTERS. As I said earlier, Hyouka is just Eru's one-man show so far. )

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The best animation of the season is...


THIS... THIS... THIS will sell!! - Hata Ranko

Thus, approved.

obviously not hyouka since Eru is lovelylovelylovelylovely

Sunday, May 13, 2012

[Info] Robotics;Notes - CG preview

Robotics;Notes, the third science adventure series by 5pb. and nitroplus after Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate, will be released this 28th of June, and they released some of the CG from the game.

(Click for the original size):

Lol, large eyebrow character again. Will she die again and again just like tuturu?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

[KamiNomi] Wakaki Tamiki = GENIUS

Reading recent end of the arc from The World God Only Knows, I think the way Wakaki is solving the problem is just incredible. There is no wastes in his story telling and he puts tons of foreshadowing without disrupting the presentation too much.

When I initially thought his choice of making Chihiro irregular of all heroine is kind of bad idea, I blame myself for thinking like that even once. Reading the Chihiro arc again, I realised that she was the only heroine that Keima never said his catch phrase of 'I CAN SEE THE ENDING', only other heroine being Akari and Tenri but both of them did not really have weiss at all from the start. We also see another foreshadowing in this chapter when Chihiro says "I didn't see it". It is also strange how she could escape the house where it was locked by feather clothes without any help. There are just so many interesting information given in this entire arc and this makes me so excited about seeing the next chapter.

Anyway, I wonder how Keima's going to do with that Ayumi wedding thing, lol...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

[Review] Medaka Box - Death of Gainax?

We all know the current situation of Gainax, no Imaishi Hiroyuki, no Nishigori Atsushi (teh Makoto fan), no Yoshinari You, no Sushio. Reason for their leaving is actually due to Gainax's conflict with their main sponsor - especially with Aniplex who loves shaft for teh money. That's all I really know. Those who left Gainax are all doing really well - Imaishi, Sushio and others created Studio Trigger and working with yamakan, Nishigori Atsushi did Idolm@ster which was just incredible.

What I see in Medaka Box is... just unbelievable lack of quality for usual Gainax we know. You just see it from horrible colour palate and animation and... w/e. Just plain bad. When the first part of Medaka Box is indeed one of the most boring part of the series, Gainax is not making it any better, but worse.

Death of Gainax?

Monday, May 7, 2012

[Review] Hyouka Ep3 - The worst thing about Shaft

Title is a troll. 

It seems that when Kyo-ani showed some incredible development in their sakuga and animation quality, direction seems to be going somewhere else. Basically, what is happening is that they are stepping into something that made Shaft to become hit-or-miss studio even with those massive successes like Madoka and Bakemonogatari. It is 'over the top' directions.

This 'over the top' direction has been kyo-ani's major trait since K-On. At least during K-On, they still had their nature directional elements they had during Yamakan-era. It is interesting that this kind of direction is something that was always present for Shaft whenever they fail. Look at Soredemo Machiwa Mawatteiru. Look at Vampire Shitbund. You can easily notice how over the top the direction is, especially with camera works (excessive zooming etc.). This sort of direction was even in Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica and Monogatari series, which actually worked as advantage for creating surreal atmosphere, but that's only in limited circumstances.

What I do know about usual Kyo-ani style direction is that they are good at putting on massive information onto character details and sakuga and creating each movement with the most descriptive way possible. They are far from speedy, tense, dynamic directions (and that's why they failed Nichijou). 

Hyouka, from what I see, is much closer to slice-of-life animation than mystery. This is just typical 'Kyo-ani' style animation, thus I stopped thinking to much about this genre since that rage ranting. However, we don't need all those excessive camera works that only tries to get that eyes of Eru. They just don't know how to take those dialogue since properly. They really need to get 'perspective' right, at least. Instead, it is just awkward and over the top, consequently making it boring. They are just trying too much - it is not making the scene 'cool' when they just throw all those filters and some fancy directions. They are just awkward scenes. What they need currently is simplicity in direction.

After all, this series is not enough to become neither total moe series, nor mystery series. Not sure if this will work out properly.

2012 Spring Season animation so far

God: Fate/Zero

Pass: Sankarea, Nyaruko, Polar bear cafe

Boring: Hyouka

WTF: Medaka Box (Gainax is dead), Evangelion Evol (Okada omg... you finally did it...)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ranting: Interview of Hyouka director: STUPID!!!

Wow, Takemoto Yasuhiro (Director of Hyouka) is definitely not someone who I can trust, at least according to his recent interview.

Long story short, I will talk about the part that is most important. He said "Mystery will NOT be the main thing of the story, and bitterness between characters from the club will be main".


You know what? What he said is basically this 'lol this is my first time directing mystery show!'. It also mean that he is saying something that we expected to be 'sweet' to be 'bitter'. They showed us something looks delicious and suddenly, person who made it says 'it is not delicious'. He is either too honest, incompetent, naive or just incredibly stupid.

Now, the reason he is definitely not a good director is in fact he has no idea what 'mystery' is as a genre. General understanding 'mystery genre' already INCLUDES bitterness between characters. DUH. He is definitely not understanding how this genre should be handled. Basically, this interview by him is just suicidal.

Gee... Kyo-ani, get some better directors.