Monday, May 28, 2012

[Hyouka] Ep 6 - Half Slice-of-life + Half Mystery = Achieves nothing.

When I was watching this episode, I start to think that if Kyoto Animation made something that is 100% slice-of-life like K-On with this sakuga, direction and bling-bling Eru-chan instead of Hyouka, it would have gathered a lot more interest and popularity. Seeing recent pre-order ranking of it, it seem that it won't even sell over 10,000. IDK really. I know a lot of people are saying something like these;

"Hyouka isn't slice of life! That's why I'm liking it!"
"It's only 6 episode and mystery always need more time to expose."
"It has original novel so judging it early on without reading it is stupid."

...True story. Those are the things I've seen through forums - by Hyouka lovers. Not going to refute those claims, since they are not making any sense anyway.

I mean, I just don't get what this animation is trying to do. It tries be mystery with riddle solving and ISCREAM, it tries to be slice of life with everything else that the club members are doing so far, and it tries to be moe with tat ending and bling bling Eru-chan. I mean, which part should I focus on? Mystery part has been all boring (at least for me), slice-of-life part is slightly more interesting but still not getting any proper thematic direction so far, Eru alone cannot make it proper moe-blob series. It is not perfect as a mystery, it is not perfect as a slife-of-life series, it is not even perfect as moe series. 50% of A + 50% of B doesn't make it 100%. It just makes it 50% of A + B. That's major issue with this series.

This episode still fail to deliver the direction it wants to take. I know Kyoani is supposed to be slave of Kadokawa thus forced to animate novel that is already 10 years old. Still, tThey have a lot of other series they are so much better at animating. They are wasting their energy.

At least Nichijou - they were experimenting. They were at least making use of a lot of new animators and build wide range of direction and style. But most of all, it was at least slice of life comedy series from the start to the end and it had its proper identity. In case of Hyouka, it has been wanna-be mystery animation that is actually just ordinary slice-of-life series, if I judge from the first 6 episodes. With that sort of appeal, it can't success. Of course, Hyouka is still more interesting than Nichijou since Nichijou is just eh. But remember, Kyoani was once known for extremely great at adapting novels/manga and make it even more popular with 'Kyoani buff'.

Currently, I decided to recognise Hyouka as moe blob series since it makes me feel better watching Eru-chan's moment than thinking more about tons of issues I have with this I don't really have any promising plot I can think of, coming from this kind of setting the series has. But hey, I might get rewarded at the end for not dropping it and trusting Kyoani..... if it is actually possible.

(PS. I watched Suzumiya Haruhi again recently. It also had all three - Slice of life, bit of mystery from episode mixing and moe. The reason that these genre could integrate was due to CHARACTERS. As I said earlier, Hyouka is just Eru's one-man show so far. )


  1. wtf... Nichijou is better than hyouka

    1. I came to say whaat this Anon has said.
      Nichijou is better than Hyouka.

    2. That's what it looks like this blogger is saying. Y'know, that Hyouka has these conflicting themes or style while Nichijou was just pure Nichijou the whole time.