Saturday, May 12, 2012

[KamiNomi] Wakaki Tamiki = GENIUS

Reading recent end of the arc from The World God Only Knows, I think the way Wakaki is solving the problem is just incredible. There is no wastes in his story telling and he puts tons of foreshadowing without disrupting the presentation too much.

When I initially thought his choice of making Chihiro irregular of all heroine is kind of bad idea, I blame myself for thinking like that even once. Reading the Chihiro arc again, I realised that she was the only heroine that Keima never said his catch phrase of 'I CAN SEE THE ENDING', only other heroine being Akari and Tenri but both of them did not really have weiss at all from the start. We also see another foreshadowing in this chapter when Chihiro says "I didn't see it". It is also strange how she could escape the house where it was locked by feather clothes without any help. There are just so many interesting information given in this entire arc and this makes me so excited about seeing the next chapter.

Anyway, I wonder how Keima's going to do with that Ayumi wedding thing, lol...

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