Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ranting: Interview of Hyouka director: STUPID!!!

Wow, Takemoto Yasuhiro (Director of Hyouka) is definitely not someone who I can trust, at least according to his recent interview.

Long story short, I will talk about the part that is most important. He said "Mystery will NOT be the main thing of the story, and bitterness between characters from the club will be main".


You know what? What he said is basically this 'lol this is my first time directing mystery show!'. It also mean that he is saying something that we expected to be 'sweet' to be 'bitter'. They showed us something looks delicious and suddenly, person who made it says 'it is not delicious'. He is either too honest, incompetent, naive or just incredibly stupid.

Now, the reason he is definitely not a good director is in fact he has no idea what 'mystery' is as a genre. General understanding 'mystery genre' already INCLUDES bitterness between characters. DUH. He is definitely not understanding how this genre should be handled. Basically, this interview by him is just suicidal.

Gee... Kyo-ani, get some better directors.


  1. Didn't he mean it as Hyouka focusing in the characters rather than on the mysteries?

  2. @Anon: You can also interpret like that, but mystery genre is already all about character relationships already.

  3. Sherlock Holmes stories were mystery-driven and had, like, 0 character development, dude.

    Except 4 or 5 of the almost hundred of them, I think.

  4. @Phantom Renegade: Not character development. It's character 'RELATIONSHIP'. This directer said 'bitterness between the relationship of characters', which is already essential part of good mystery genre.

  5. Just to add.

    Takemoto handled Disappearance and if you consider that bad... I dunno.....

  6. No question mark, btw.

  7. He said "The main thing in the story IS NOT JUST mysteries, but ALSO the bittersweetness of the club members".

    Learn more Japanese and stop using googletranslate.

  8. @Anon: Random anon, hi there. Obviously I don't use google translater, and you are fuckin stupid, since my point was that he is completely missing the point of what it is supposed to be, and slightly different nuance of translation never changes that.

    Actually, after watching 3rd episode, I don't care about its 'genre' anymore, since it is clearly more of slice-of-life animation rather than mystery anyway. Instead, I will criticise it for bad direction, especially with the camera angle.

  9. @whoringOtagmegane

    Your one of the worst Shaftfag of it's kind. As someone who likes Shaft as well, I can't believe you're this abhorrently blind.

    10 bucks says you haven't even read the novel nor know what the premise of the novel is. Basically the source material has been improved and it's adapted pretty well.

    Good lord I wanna give you an advice to just stop whining about KyoAni cause they're not gonna suit your horrible biased taste.

    Protip, bitterness is no longer the reason you keep ranting about KyoAni, it's just attention whoring.

    And another 10 bucks says you'll rant about the next KyoAni show again.

    Oh and nice twisting of the translation there.

  10. My lord, anon. You surely lost what to say, eh? That's are you going to say - Talking about original material that I don't even care about? I talk about animation, simple as that.

    Biased taste? Tell me that your taste is better than mine. Oh wait, you are already implying it! What an idiot. You sir is blind, since I was not even ranting on animation here, I was ranting on director's stupidity - which was at least, MY FUCKIN OPINION. Go home and tell that to your mommy.

    Not even worth replying. Buu, buu.

  11. Love you anon. Waste your time more here, mr. Kyo-ani fag. :D