Monday, May 7, 2012

[Review] Hyouka Ep3 - The worst thing about Shaft

Title is a troll. 

It seems that when Kyo-ani showed some incredible development in their sakuga and animation quality, direction seems to be going somewhere else. Basically, what is happening is that they are stepping into something that made Shaft to become hit-or-miss studio even with those massive successes like Madoka and Bakemonogatari. It is 'over the top' directions.

This 'over the top' direction has been kyo-ani's major trait since K-On. At least during K-On, they still had their nature directional elements they had during Yamakan-era. It is interesting that this kind of direction is something that was always present for Shaft whenever they fail. Look at Soredemo Machiwa Mawatteiru. Look at Vampire Shitbund. You can easily notice how over the top the direction is, especially with camera works (excessive zooming etc.). This sort of direction was even in Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica and Monogatari series, which actually worked as advantage for creating surreal atmosphere, but that's only in limited circumstances.

What I do know about usual Kyo-ani style direction is that they are good at putting on massive information onto character details and sakuga and creating each movement with the most descriptive way possible. They are far from speedy, tense, dynamic directions (and that's why they failed Nichijou). 

Hyouka, from what I see, is much closer to slice-of-life animation than mystery. This is just typical 'Kyo-ani' style animation, thus I stopped thinking to much about this genre since that rage ranting. However, we don't need all those excessive camera works that only tries to get that eyes of Eru. They just don't know how to take those dialogue since properly. They really need to get 'perspective' right, at least. Instead, it is just awkward and over the top, consequently making it boring. They are just trying too much - it is not making the scene 'cool' when they just throw all those filters and some fancy directions. They are just awkward scenes. What they need currently is simplicity in direction.

After all, this series is not enough to become neither total moe series, nor mystery series. Not sure if this will work out properly.


  1. You troll shaftfag. You troll hard.
    For once, I completely disagree with your opinions.

  2. Troll =/= disagreeing.

    I do disagree with our Bloghost, but I can't call him troll.

    Though Hyoka IS kinda weird... not bad but not good either. And every scene with Eru I remember a Dexter episode about a girl with HUGE eyes that falls for Dexter and a corny song plays and...

    Well, most likely you all saw that cartoon

  3. @Anon: Well, I do think Shaft has some over-the-top direction that even turns me off sometimes. Also, Kyoani's direction is clearly different from Shaft, it's just that their over-the-top feeling that I sometimes felt from Shaft is also shown in this series. idk.

    @Phantom Renegade: Dexter is the best moe.

  4. >Yamakan-era

    He's never been that important at KyoAni.