Thursday, May 10, 2012

[Review] Medaka Box - Death of Gainax?

We all know the current situation of Gainax, no Imaishi Hiroyuki, no Nishigori Atsushi (teh Makoto fan), no Yoshinari You, no Sushio. Reason for their leaving is actually due to Gainax's conflict with their main sponsor - especially with Aniplex who loves shaft for teh money. That's all I really know. Those who left Gainax are all doing really well - Imaishi, Sushio and others created Studio Trigger and working with yamakan, Nishigori Atsushi did Idolm@ster which was just incredible.

What I see in Medaka Box is... just unbelievable lack of quality for usual Gainax we know. You just see it from horrible colour palate and animation and... w/e. Just plain bad. When the first part of Medaka Box is indeed one of the most boring part of the series, Gainax is not making it any better, but worse.

Death of Gainax?


  1. MANY people will disagree with you: Many believe Medaka Box went to hell when the LOLPOWURLEVLZ started.

    (Don't care, I'm new to the series and enjoying the hell out of it, though people warn me I'll rage).

    It IS interesting that no one knows if this will be 13 EP long or 2 or 3 seasons long.


    To be fair, it KINDA feels different from other Gainax series, but I don't think it's bad.

  2. @Phantom: Umm, who says that? Basically that LOLPOWURLEVLZ is what saved medaka box from getting kicked away from Shonen Jump. If Nishio decided to keep that slice-of-life setting, Medaka Box would not even be animated. :/

    I mean, I also loved the first part of the series, but I found that Nishio's shift to battle manga (which happens very often in his novel) has its merits too.

    You won't rage lol. Once Kumagawa comes into the surface, it will be on different level. The problem I have on series currently is not really its content, but poor animation by Gainax.

  3. At least they include fillerish fan-service here and there.
    Which makes anime dumber occasionally.

    Also I have no hope about the appearance Kumagawa because all I'm hoping for is that they'll do at least 2 split cours.
    And preorders are terrible.