Saturday, June 2, 2012

[KamiNomi] Chapter 190 - It's about time.

Wakaki decided to reveal one of the hidden cards that he had from the start of the series.

1. The past Keima and his family. There are just too many blank spots from the explanation we've had from Diana. Also, Tenri was talking about something related to Keima that made Diana surprised. I'm pretty sure that would directly related to his personality and everything.
2. Akanemaru. That's the name of that huge boat thing. According to actual concept, it is supposed to travel between Maijima and Narusawa city, but we've never seen it doing that.
3. We really need to figure out the cause of the earthquake happened 10 years ago. It also directly relates to Keima's past too.

Two weeks break is killing me, but finally. Kami Nomi is the greatest manga.

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