Monday, June 4, 2012

[Review] Aquarion Evol - Fuck you Okada.

Just die, Okada Mari. You are the worst scenario writer ever. Just, fuck you.

Seriously. How can you even call that a 'scenario'? This is no fuckin desperate housewives. I thought it cannot get worse then 19th episode with disappearance of MIX's big-bang. But my god, it actually did get even worse. Basically, she is not just ruining the series, but also it's prequel + SRW scenario.

I understood when you had that sex references in your series. I understood cross-dressing theme in Ano Hana and Hourou Musuko. I understand you tried to put masturbating scene in True Tears. I even understood all those gay references - hole digging/filling abilities in Aquarion.

But this? You are just giving everyone shit, nothing more then that. Anyway, nice job ruining the series that had so many potential, along with BRS.


  1. What? BRS was vastly improved.

  2. Well, to be fair, the show has reincarnations has a main plot point, of course he could make a play like that.

    (It IS ridiculous, I agree. I hope MIX goes back to normal in the next episode)

  3. @Phantom Renegade: Yep, but being reincarnation of 'DOG' is surely the proof that they are writing scenarios with their feet.

    MIX being male just makes the series even more gayer. Fujoushi will like it, lol.

  4. Sakurasou is from Mari Okada (and JC staff) too.


  5. Is it true or not ? If true, which source have you find it ?

  6. I'm pretty darn sure Kawamori's the one deciding what happens with the reincarnation,not Okada

  7. dude, you need to post your reaction to SZS ending ASAP
    I Need to know you still alive or not