Friday, June 15, 2012

[Review] Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 301 - Nice ending.

I will just spoil everything here since it's your fault reading this. Zetsubou shita!

Itoshiki Nozomu was actually DEAD and he was sending ghosts to heaven as a form of graduation. So, all the student we have seen was already DEAD. Zetsubou shita!

But actually, they were all alive (???). Instead, students all had experience of attempting suicide. They were all taught by Nozomu for their new life. Medetashi medetashi

...and suddenly, Kafuka is supposed to be DEAD; Abiru has Fuura's eye, Chiri has her heart, Kiri has her lung. Kafuka we know was actually other characters who were acting like her. Zetsubou shita!

They do not remember who gave them their organ, but Fuura Kafuka continues to live on inside the girls like Kamina inside Simon's back. Zetsubou shita!

And actually, Fuura was alive. This does not make any sense. Zetsubou shita!

At the end, Despair sensei marries to Fuura. Zetsubou shita! Medetashi medetashi!

Zetsubou shitaaaaaaaaaaa!

Nice ending, actually.


  1. Not exactly...

    Nozomu's students all attempted suicide at some point in their lives, but failed. In the process, they were possessed by ghosts from the Showa period. These ghosts were girls who had died early and were unable to pass on because they regretted not being able to live fulfilling high school lives.

    The students also received organs (possibly as a result of their suicide attempts) from a single donor: Kafuka Fuura, who died in a car accident. Kafuka is able to possess the students through these body parts, and when she does so, she appears to the others as Kafuka herself. In other words, when Kafuka appears, she is actually one of the other girls.

    Nozomu takes it upon himself to ensure the Showa ghosts pass on properly. He does this by reenacting their high school lives in the Showa period, which is why the setting appears to be quite old-fashioned.

    At the end of the manga, the students finally graduate. This allows the Showa ghosts to pass on, as they have completed their high school lives. The girls are also cured of their suicidal tendencies, and appreciate life more.

    The final chapter has the girls pursuing Nozomu, since they have all genuinely fallen in love with him. Running away, Nozomu enters a church and finds someone in Kafuka's form; she has possessed one of the girls one final time. The "which Kafuka are you" leaves it open to the reader to decide which of the girls actually met Nozomu in the church.

    All in all, a proper end. Sayonara, Kafuka Fuura! Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei!


    1. This is a great summary.

      The shitstorms in 4chan were legendary. Truly an Ending for the history books.

  2. Sounds like Angel Beats on crack, but not something I didn't really expect from a series like SZS. They're ending things just in their usual style. =DDDDDD
    Now, I hope Shaft will get down to end the adaptation as well someday.