Saturday, October 20, 2012

Currently watching anime + some info + life

I'm watching Litobasu, Psycho-Pass, Hidamari and Robotics;note. Everyone knows those are the things to watch this season.

Little Busters! is.... so-so. Not my taste, but it is actually fun to watch. Psycho-Pass just screams Urobuchi - when I saw that blonde hair girl with big breast "CLOSED UP" view, I saw death flag first instead of sexiness. Robotics;note? I only remember "SKALUUUU! AHAHEH#$&)#&$)#".

Also, gave up hope on Kyoto Animation - Chunnibyou themed animation that has no Okabe in it means it will suck anyway, but Kyoto Animation with Hyouka and Nichijou make it worse. The quality itself is actually very decent, but man; can't stand on those characters who are just annoying as hell.

About To-Love-ru, *sigh, you know what I'm thinking.

Urobuchi talked about another series of MadoMagi is possible, which might be 2-cour in length. He said he want this series to last longer than himself, even thinking of replacing with new writer other than himself. Idea of making entirely new mahou shoujo franchise is actually not a bad idea - remember Monogatari series and how Nisemonogatari sold insanely even with its poor quality regarding story itself. I don't mind having Mahou Shoujo Magika with entirely new characters.

Since it was 1st year uni, I just couldn't focus on blog thingys. After exam is over, expect mad posting again and some attempt to recover view counts lol.