Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2012 Japanimation - Best and Worst

Best and Worst of anime - 2012

When I barely made any post for this year, I actually was watching most of animation that aired. This post year summarise the best and worst of animation in 2012 - of course in my point of view. To be honest, none of the animation aired this year impressed me, compare to 2011 which had everything. Note I won't include most of the ones that hasn't finished airing.

Best Animation News of 2012
5. Dangan Ronpa animation announcement
4. Evangelion Q aired
3. Jojo animation announcement
2. Hidamari Sketch 4th season

Worst Animation News of 2012
5. Manglobe is still alive
4. Kuroko's Basketball threatening idiot incident
3. SAO butchered so hard
2. Heart Connect Ijime incident
1. Kizumonogatari WHEN????


Best Animation of 2012
5. KINTAMA - obviously, it has no relation to Gintama.
4. Hidamari Sketch - No comment
3. Hyouka - Well, when I flamed this anime hell a lot at first, it was actually enjoyable episode by the end of it.
2. Nisemonogatari - The worst part of monogatari series, still best of the year.
1. Persona 4 the animation - it is actually half 2011 anime, but since this year was such a horrible one, I can include this.

Worst Animation of 2012
5. Little Busters - Putting this because I can't think more. When it isn't too bad, I can't see its hype.
4. Acuerion Evol - Pure shit
3. Guilty Crown - So fucked up, can't even imagine that it actually existed

2. Chunibyou thing by Kyoani - Can't watch omg. Horrible script during last 2 episodes.
1. Sword Art Online - Ruined. Simple as that.


Best Episode of 2012
3. Hyouka Drunken Chitandael episode
2. Nisemonogatari Tooth Brush
1. Persona 4 episode 26 - True end

Worst Episode of 2012
3. Fate/Zero Last episode.
2. Sword art online, last episode of 1st arc
1. Sword art online, last episode of 2nd arc


Best Character of 2012
3. Senjougahara-Tore
2. Narukami Yuu - Persona 4
1. Chitandael - Hyouka

Worst Character of 2012
3. Every character from Guilty Crown
2. Kuroyukihime - Accel World
1. Rikka Takanashi - whatever chunibyou thing


Best OP of 2012
Platinum Disco from Nisemonogatari 


Soooo, this is pretty much it. Really, this year had no real good animation to watch. Almost felt as if animation industry IS falling like many others say. Expecting a lot from currently airing Psycho-Pass and Robotics;Note, also Dangan Ronpa and new movie of Madoka Magica. New Shaft series - Magical Suite Prism Nana, Sasami-chan, Nekomonogatari - will also be must-follow-ups for 2013.


  1. Irritating EnlightenerDecember 26, 2012 at 10:39 PM

    Platinum Disco was actually one of the OPs.

    1. lol true. Not fixing it since it is platinum.

  2. "5. Little Busters - Putting this because I can't think more. When it isn't too bad, I can't see its hype."

    Actually the VN is one of the most hyped around for a good reason, but JC Staff team simply isn't good enough to adapt this. The director especially is quite terrible.
    I mean, as a VN fan I don't think that doing bad characterization, shuffling scenes, dragging comical scenes for an entire episode instead of advancing plot and cutting out interesting foreshadowings are part of a good adaptation.

  3. Not enough Sunrise series on your list =/

    True savior of anime industry.