Sunday, October 27, 2013

[Modaka] Madoka Magica 3rd movie - I got spoiled... and...

Here is some huge spoiler... watch with your own risk what I can say is... 2nd season coming soon.

Another thing you need to know is this was NOT Urobuchi's idea ending like this. According to Urobuchi's interview, he had clear view of ending for this movie and didn't really think of story after. However, Iwakami producer and Shinbo wanted more so they didn't sign for his first idea. At the end, Shinbo gave "certain idea on Homura's position" - which is a major cause of the mind fuck in this move.

Friday, October 11, 2013

[Review] Animation 2013 Oct season 1st impression - PART 1

1. Kill la Kill
Mix of cliche. Typical Imaishi stuff with one hell of story with very fast pacing. But that's why I like it though. It's sheer craziness makes me shiver. Must watch, absolutely.

2. New kyoani animu
Fabulous art/animation and cutes characters, but extremely boring storyline/plot = Very likely to drop. Seriously, plot hole already in FIRST TWO EPISODE? They just need a single story writer who can at least right convincing plot line.

3. New kishi-seiji animu
Kishi-seiji-ed. I mean fucked up, just like Dangan Ronpa.

Friday, May 10, 2013

[Review] Hataraku Maou-sama! and Love Come wa Machigatteiru

To be honest, Hataraku maou-sama SHOULD NOT have this kind of quality. I really want them to give LoveCome some more budget so that it can have better sakuga.

First, Hataraku Maou-sama. Devil Lord comes from other dimension and struggling for survival in jungle called earth. We had this theme way too much, it is a synopsis that will turn off most of people. To be honest, this series is pretty cliched + very ordinary in terms of its story and comedy. What makes it shine is how White Fox and director is giving all they got in this single series - almost like they are wasting time. Damn, please give that effort to other series, and I would've been much happier. That aside, staffs in this anime are very amazing - making this series too fun to watch.

For love come, Hachiman is the best male light novel character every made - period. I like him even more than Loliragi. He is better and realistic example of how outsiders in school act and think - than Haganai male guy who just has no friend for no reason. I saw light novel character design and anime character design of Hachiman and damn, Brain Base sure had a brain. Hachiman just evolved from another romcom protagonist to lone wolf who talks shit and see all things negatively. His monologues just hit straight me into the heart, it's not even funny anymore, it hurts. Just like Katsuragi Keima in TWGOK, he outshines all the other female characters due to his immense amount of dark aura that animation staffs perfectly portrayed.

Hataraku Maou-sama and Love Come wa Machigatteiru is possibly one of my favourite light novel based anime this 'year'. Both airing in same season - too good.

Plus, funny that White Fox is doing Shaft style op and ed of maou-sama. I'm not talking about direction, but how they didn't even come out until 4th and 5th episode, lol.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Question: Westerners, why hate fanservice?

Whenever I see post, it seems any sort of eechi tag and fanservice episode automatically makes the series 1 out of 10 (laugh). You can hate fan-service, but don't get how it can be standard for judging series. Just stupid.

Like, I though Evangelion is the one that brought western otaku Renaissance, and it calls fanservice every fuckin episode at the end of the series.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

[Info] New animation by Kyoto Animation - 'Free!'

So, it was not a fantasy series that Kyoto is doing next. I laughed so hard that this was NOT a troll;

Bi-shonen Swimming animation.

Original story is actually from the novel that got an award from the 2nd Kyoto Animation award - "High Speed". So, I'm guessing this is a way that Kyoto will create their original series I guess.

Shimajaki Nobunaga
Suzuki Tatsuhisa
Miyano Mamoru
Yonaga Tsubasa
Hirakawa Daisuke

...Other than Miyano, no idea who they are. I guess this is Kyoto being Kyoto again.

Anyway, this is MUST WATCH. So excited kyoto showing their hidden card now.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

[KamiNomi] Chapter 224: The World God Only Knows...

This chapter... was god damn amazing. One of the best chapters I've seen in KamiNomi for a long time.

I always had a feeling that there would be some kind of meaning to the title, 'The World God Only Knows', and it is finally explained in this chapter. Fuckin legendary.

I thought series was kinda getting loosen after vintage arc and also thought time travel arc is kinda out of place. But, damn Wakaki-sensei. You are pure genius.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ranting: Sumary of this anime season.

The best/most successful title of the season $$$ = Shingeki no Kyojin VS Suisei no Gargantia

Moe title of the season :3 = Oreimo new season VS Nyaruko W

God title of the season = Girls Panzer

Mind-fuck = Aku no Hana 

Pretty much best season of the year. So many things to watch

[Review] Shingeki no Kyojin - You call this 1st episode.

Shingeki no Kyojin aka. Attack of the Titans - possibly one of the biggest hit manga selling over 10 million. Its anime adaptation? I honestly didn't expect much especially when I found out the director Tetsurou Araki (Who did the worst animation of the year, Guilty Crown) and Production IG (Well, it is actually WIT-Studio - 6th branch of IG which recently got separated) is doing the series.

...Well, I can say that episode had so many good stuffs in it, I feel that this can become the animation of the year 2013. First impression of this series was THAT good.

When I watch anime, 1st thing I care about is animation/sakuga itself. It is actually guaranteed that Production IG will have high production value, but there were so many small, but great features that made its quality even higher. Rough and sharp sketch of characters + use of CG built up unbreakable tension. I couldn't breathe a single bit by the end of the episode - which had flawless direction that shows great amount of despair that characters are facing, directly to the viewers. That CG blood, wow. One of the best direction I've seen for a long time.

This episode was definitely BETTER than manga. It had full use of advantage that anime has and manga doesn't, such as colour usage and background detail. Regardless of what comes up during the series, this 1st episode sure had its impact.

PS. Also, tat BGM.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

[Info] Dangan Ronpa the Animation - PV released

My god, quality is too notch. It's exactly like the scenes in the game.

So excited. Hope Kishi Seiji delivers again, just like Persona 4.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

[TCG] Ayakashi; Ghost Guild - Mobile TCG game with cute girls

sadly, it does have stinky male characters

Just started new mobile TCG after getting fucked by Behamut. It is brilliant, can believe I missed this. Originally I wanted playing Millian Arthur which will take infinite time to get English server.

So it is just like usual mobile TCG. To get more rare cards, you need cash. Really good thing is however, that it has so many events that gives you freebee rare cards which are incredibly strong just like cash cards. As long as you give some effort, there is absolutely no problem playing.However, yeah. Cash player wins always. It also has Japan, English and Korean in a single server. So, never get enough of battle except for poor Kaguya ;_;.

There are three divisions which acts like rock-scissors-paper. Divina gets Phantom, Anima gets Divina, Phantom gets Divina - getting 10% bonus attack damage. But really, it doesn't matter since this relationship only matters for your leader daemon in your deck. I started with Divina because the starting daemon had huge breast kawaii appearance, but it actually had tons more of males orz.

Anyway, just like most of mobile tcg, it has HP, Attack and Defense point - Hp for scenario advance, Attack and defense for battle - obviously getting up by one every minute. It is simply impossible to get 4~5 star cards from free-common summon card, but if you get invitation code or you give invitation code to someone else who plays for at least week, you get special summon ticket which gives you 3~5 star rare cards. Good start for non-cash users. I can pretty much say this is one of the easiest TCG I ever played.

My invitation code is "homurakemi" (...) for the very obvious reason. So if you are going to play it, use this for freebee rare cards. and play everyday for a week so that I can get one too

Awwww Mira is kawaiiii!
Fun fact - the best character of this game is actually an assistant character. She pops up whatever you do, but never get bored since she is so moe.

Usamimi moe!
The first, easiest seal-stone daemon you can get. By the power of not-sleeping, got this hare level + skill level complete, now using her as a leader.

Loli face and glamaaa
The second seal stone demon. It was too hard finding purple seal stone from the battle, since no-one seems to have it (...). lol seriously. Having no skill and being spirit cost 14 makes this absolutely no-worth. But I'm going to raise it anyway since illustration is too good.

Tengu reminds me B-gata H-kei.
The third seal stone daemon is Tengu, without that nose. Male character with mediocre stat. Nope. Male = no worth

Currently, we are having tower event, but since I just started, I missed half of what was going on which is disaster. At least if I can rush in now, I can get few 4 star rares to prepare for the next event.

The best character period dot
I was so happy when I finally reached 50th level for this one. This illustration = my favourite. Skill is also ridiculously good. Will get this full level as soon as possible.

So yeah, if you want to play this, just get invitation cod "homurakemi" for extra rare cards.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

[Review] Animation so far - CAN THIS SELL?

Sasami-san =  Cannot sell
Regardless of my enjoyment watching this series, I don't see any reason to pay for this series. Characters are kinda... lacks appeal. Plot is pretentious too, just like most of light novel you see. The thing that shines on this series is amazing sakuga, direction and voice acting. Expect less than manabi line.

Tabamako Market = Cannot sell
The problem with Kyo-ani is that everything that they made after K-On looks just like its minor copy version. When the recent episode did give me moe death with kawaii overload, there is nothing new. Just usual Kyoani stuffs. Knowing this is their original animation, I'm very disappointed that they are not experimenting any more but just going with safety choices, which won't work any more.

Kotoura-san = CAN sell
Dark-horse of the season. No-one expected this to be one, just like Girls Panzer in the last season. Kinda Dejavu. Anyway, I take away my word from the first episode review. They are using similar marketing tactics that Madoka Magica used and it is sorta working right now. For now,

Robotics;Note = Cannot sell
Development is too slow thus boring. Simple as that.

No need for comment.

Unfortunately, that's all I watching this season. Nothing worth watching.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tamako Market ep 2 - Problem with Kyoto Animation

(*Picture inserted later)

I saw the first episode of Tamako Market and I was quite positive about it. This episode... not sure.

The real problem is that it is just 'boring', simple as that. 1st episode was ok knowing that it is original animation has things to introduce, but come on. It's 2nd episode and already getting out boring stuffs?

Now, the true interpretation for this boredom is probably... they are using similar gag style they used in Nichijou - unfunny and not even kawaii. We are also seeing bit of K-On, bit of Nichijou, bit of everything that Kyoani had. These can sort of backfire the series for being all over the place. People are already saying 'hey, this part looks like Mio!' 'hey, this expression is from Nichijou!' and stuffs. Not very good sign.

Good that this is not just typical moeblob show. The thing is, same word went for Nichijou. So, will this become Munto reincarnation or new rise of Kyoani? We will see. However, I see a dejavu of Nichijou in this show..

Bird will save this show.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

[Review] Sasami-san@Ganbaranai and more

Finally, 'NEW' shaft show I can review on...  ;_;

End card with sexy Sasami-san

First impression = "wtf did I watch?"

Shaft always does great job on adapting original illustration as close as they can. We all know how superior denpa onna's character design was. Hidari's illustration finally shines after fucked up shit called Fractale ruining everything.

It almost doesn't make sense how much movement that this episode has. In the latest interview on Sasami-san, Shinbo said this series will have a lot of movement unlike other series made by them. As all we know, their style is usually called Kamishibai (Paper Theater) by anti-fandoms due to lack of frames and budget-saving techniques. It seems like they are doing some experiment and building experiences with action scenes before their prism-nana project. Anyway, this is a good change. It is like Shinbo giving  big fat middle finger to everyone and show that they are actually capable of create sakuga-quality on par with Kyoto Animation.

However, this is first episode, and even Bakemonogatari had like unimaginable amount of frames that we don't usually expect from them in the first episode. Honestly, I don't really believe this quality will last, even till half of the series lol. Shaft always fails at quality management. We will see how much improvement they have after draining cash from otakus in comiket.

Regarding the story, hell, can't tell what it was. Total chaos. I knew that this is not usual romantic comedy or harem but occult mystery series, but this was just over the top. I'm not really sure if it is original novel or Shaft going crazy like this. Maybe both. One thing I was very happy about the series is actually Saito Chiwa's amazing acting.

Loved OP and ED. ED was NEET as hell, which is soooo appropriate.


Tamako Market = BIRD WINS

This is like second attempt of original animation by Kyoto Animation. First attempt ended with disaster called MundoMunto, but this one seems to be legit. But to be honest, they should already be very experienced with original animation, because that's what they already did in K-On and Chuni-byou thing. In case of Chunibyou, they just completely remade entire storyline.

It seems that, they did learned some lesson from Hyouka and Nichijou. This is actually pretty damn good starting episode, very moe as usual. The problem is art - Tamako is like Chitanda with twintail.

Other wise, finally something good from Kyoto after Chitanda not hyouka.


Kotoura-san = ???

This is not even good... Why is this getting good reputation? I was absolutely trolled to watch this...

Simply, they squeezed series worth of tension building in one episode. Direction was not bad, but man, that's way too far.


Vivid Red Operation = Boring but pantsu yeyey

That's all I can say. Dropped. Tired of seeing this kind of series.


Girls und Panzer = FUCK YEAH WORLD OF TANK


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Short Review on Nekomonogatari.

Firstly, fuck niconico. Too much lag + advertisement. Although, I suspect that advertisement after 10 sec hilarity is kind of intentional trolling by Shaft.

Anyway, satisfaction over 9000. Very well made. Of course it is so much better than Nisemonogatari - the worst part of series due to Nisio having drugs.