Thursday, January 31, 2013

[Review] Animation so far - CAN THIS SELL?

Sasami-san =  Cannot sell
Regardless of my enjoyment watching this series, I don't see any reason to pay for this series. Characters are kinda... lacks appeal. Plot is pretentious too, just like most of light novel you see. The thing that shines on this series is amazing sakuga, direction and voice acting. Expect less than manabi line.

Tabamako Market = Cannot sell
The problem with Kyo-ani is that everything that they made after K-On looks just like its minor copy version. When the recent episode did give me moe death with kawaii overload, there is nothing new. Just usual Kyoani stuffs. Knowing this is their original animation, I'm very disappointed that they are not experimenting any more but just going with safety choices, which won't work any more.

Kotoura-san = CAN sell
Dark-horse of the season. No-one expected this to be one, just like Girls Panzer in the last season. Kinda Dejavu. Anyway, I take away my word from the first episode review. They are using similar marketing tactics that Madoka Magica used and it is sorta working right now. For now,

Robotics;Note = Cannot sell
Development is too slow thus boring. Simple as that.

No need for comment.

Unfortunately, that's all I watching this season. Nothing worth watching.


  1. Robotics;Notes is already at the stage of "didn't sell".

  2. > Kotoura-san = CAN sell
    Still won't sell a lot though (at least more than Robotics;Notes). Also didn't this show ended after the 3rd episode? I'm pretty sure about that because I watched it.

    1. Umm it is full 1 cour series so I'm not sure what you are talking about.

    2. Well, at least it was a perfect ending for me. I'm happy that Manabe was freed from that burdun.
      Sorry I made that hard-to-understand joke, lol

    3. lol never thought it was meant to be joke. Good series still.

  3. Ah, Jojo... I think it can sell even if it was Licensed, actually. It's old school, but it's GOOD old school.

    Tamako Market was actually KINDA good, it's definitely not for everyone. KyoAni is playing it safe by doing Chuunybiu 2 next

    And Robotics;Notes... man, those were some plot twists! But it kinda failed to appeal, right?