Saturday, January 12, 2013

[Review] Sasami-san@Ganbaranai and more

Finally, 'NEW' shaft show I can review on...  ;_;

End card with sexy Sasami-san

First impression = "wtf did I watch?"

Shaft always does great job on adapting original illustration as close as they can. We all know how superior denpa onna's character design was. Hidari's illustration finally shines after fucked up shit called Fractale ruining everything.

It almost doesn't make sense how much movement that this episode has. In the latest interview on Sasami-san, Shinbo said this series will have a lot of movement unlike other series made by them. As all we know, their style is usually called Kamishibai (Paper Theater) by anti-fandoms due to lack of frames and budget-saving techniques. It seems like they are doing some experiment and building experiences with action scenes before their prism-nana project. Anyway, this is a good change. It is like Shinbo giving  big fat middle finger to everyone and show that they are actually capable of create sakuga-quality on par with Kyoto Animation.

However, this is first episode, and even Bakemonogatari had like unimaginable amount of frames that we don't usually expect from them in the first episode. Honestly, I don't really believe this quality will last, even till half of the series lol. Shaft always fails at quality management. We will see how much improvement they have after draining cash from otakus in comiket.

Regarding the story, hell, can't tell what it was. Total chaos. I knew that this is not usual romantic comedy or harem but occult mystery series, but this was just over the top. I'm not really sure if it is original novel or Shaft going crazy like this. Maybe both. One thing I was very happy about the series is actually Saito Chiwa's amazing acting.

Loved OP and ED. ED was NEET as hell, which is soooo appropriate.


Tamako Market = BIRD WINS

This is like second attempt of original animation by Kyoto Animation. First attempt ended with disaster called MundoMunto, but this one seems to be legit. But to be honest, they should already be very experienced with original animation, because that's what they already did in K-On and Chuni-byou thing. In case of Chunibyou, they just completely remade entire storyline.

It seems that, they did learned some lesson from Hyouka and Nichijou. This is actually pretty damn good starting episode, very moe as usual. The problem is art - Tamako is like Chitanda with twintail.

Other wise, finally something good from Kyoto after Chitanda not hyouka.


Kotoura-san = ???

This is not even good... Why is this getting good reputation? I was absolutely trolled to watch this...

Simply, they squeezed series worth of tension building in one episode. Direction was not bad, but man, that's way too far.


Vivid Red Operation = Boring but pantsu yeyey

That's all I can say. Dropped. Tired of seeing this kind of series.


Girls und Panzer = FUCK YEAH WORLD OF TANK


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