Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tamako Market ep 2 - Problem with Kyoto Animation

(*Picture inserted later)

I saw the first episode of Tamako Market and I was quite positive about it. This episode... not sure.

The real problem is that it is just 'boring', simple as that. 1st episode was ok knowing that it is original animation has things to introduce, but come on. It's 2nd episode and already getting out boring stuffs?

Now, the true interpretation for this boredom is probably... they are using similar gag style they used in Nichijou - unfunny and not even kawaii. We are also seeing bit of K-On, bit of Nichijou, bit of everything that Kyoani had. These can sort of backfire the series for being all over the place. People are already saying 'hey, this part looks like Mio!' 'hey, this expression is from Nichijou!' and stuffs. Not very good sign.

Good that this is not just typical moeblob show. The thing is, same word went for Nichijou. So, will this become Munto reincarnation or new rise of Kyoani? We will see. However, I see a dejavu of Nichijou in this show..

Bird will save this show.


  1. Anything about Sasami's 2nd episode?

    1. Same as 1.ep. This time however, quite afraid that Shinbo is just too focused on showing his direction, he kind of forgot to actually arrange it properly to tell proper story.

    2. I've heard that this time episode had much less quality (Wide Angle Shots From Far Away)