Tuesday, March 5, 2013

[TCG] Ayakashi; Ghost Guild - Mobile TCG game with cute girls

sadly, it does have stinky male characters

Just started new mobile TCG after getting fucked by Behamut. It is brilliant, can believe I missed this. Originally I wanted playing Millian Arthur which will take infinite time to get English server.

So it is just like usual mobile TCG. To get more rare cards, you need cash. Really good thing is however, that it has so many events that gives you freebee rare cards which are incredibly strong just like cash cards. As long as you give some effort, there is absolutely no problem playing.However, yeah. Cash player wins always. It also has Japan, English and Korean in a single server. So, never get enough of battle except for poor Kaguya ;_;.

There are three divisions which acts like rock-scissors-paper. Divina gets Phantom, Anima gets Divina, Phantom gets Divina - getting 10% bonus attack damage. But really, it doesn't matter since this relationship only matters for your leader daemon in your deck. I started with Divina because the starting daemon had huge breast kawaii appearance, but it actually had tons more of males orz.

Anyway, just like most of mobile tcg, it has HP, Attack and Defense point - Hp for scenario advance, Attack and defense for battle - obviously getting up by one every minute. It is simply impossible to get 4~5 star cards from free-common summon card, but if you get invitation code or you give invitation code to someone else who plays for at least week, you get special summon ticket which gives you 3~5 star rare cards. Good start for non-cash users. I can pretty much say this is one of the easiest TCG I ever played.

My invitation code is "homurakemi" (...) for the very obvious reason. So if you are going to play it, use this for freebee rare cards. and play everyday for a week so that I can get one too

Awwww Mira is kawaiiii!
Fun fact - the best character of this game is actually an assistant character. She pops up whatever you do, but never get bored since she is so moe.

Usamimi moe!
The first, easiest seal-stone daemon you can get. By the power of not-sleeping, got this hare level + skill level complete, now using her as a leader.

Loli face and glamaaa
The second seal stone demon. It was too hard finding purple seal stone from the battle, since no-one seems to have it (...). lol seriously. Having no skill and being spirit cost 14 makes this absolutely no-worth. But I'm going to raise it anyway since illustration is too good.

Tengu reminds me B-gata H-kei.
The third seal stone daemon is Tengu, without that nose. Male character with mediocre stat. Nope. Male = no worth

Currently, we are having tower event, but since I just started, I missed half of what was going on which is disaster. At least if I can rush in now, I can get few 4 star rares to prepare for the next event.

The best character period dot
I was so happy when I finally reached 50th level for this one. This illustration = my favourite. Skill is also ridiculously good. Will get this full level as soon as possible.

So yeah, if you want to play this, just get invitation cod "homurakemi" for extra rare cards.

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