Sunday, April 14, 2013

[KamiNomi] Chapter 224: The World God Only Knows...

This chapter... was god damn amazing. One of the best chapters I've seen in KamiNomi for a long time.

I always had a feeling that there would be some kind of meaning to the title, 'The World God Only Knows', and it is finally explained in this chapter. Fuckin legendary.

I thought series was kinda getting loosen after vintage arc and also thought time travel arc is kinda out of place. But, damn Wakaki-sensei. You are pure genius.


  1. I don't understand something, from which world is Kami-sama from, then? I assume that he comes from a world where all goddesses getting saved actually happened, and then got brought to the "real" world to actually make the saving happen, right?
    But from where is Kami-sama from?

    1. Late reply lol.

      So, what happened is 'Dokuro Skull' sent multiple of her clone to different world, the only one who saw the successful future took Kami-sama to the past in order to create pathway to that world place. So, if he fails to create the beginning, then the world Keima originally had will disappear.

      It's pretty much like Steins;Gate.