Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Question: Westerners, why hate fanservice?

Whenever I see post, it seems any sort of eechi tag and fanservice episode automatically makes the series 1 out of 10 (laugh). You can hate fan-service, but don't get how it can be standard for judging series. Just stupid.

Like, I though Evangelion is the one that brought western otaku Renaissance, and it calls fanservice every fuckin episode at the end of the series.


  1. Western people are Christian. Even if they are not religious and their parents aren't either, they have been raised in a culture where the value system of the society is based on Christian values.

    The idea that sex is shameful is one of these values. It leads to people thinking that sexual things are something that can never be discussed seriously, and that any sexual elements in entertainment automatically devalue its artistic merits.

    This is why people in the west often say: "Is this fanservice really needed? Wouldn't the series been just as good without it?" Sexual content in their entertainment makes them uncomfortable, because they have been taught to think that admitting they like sexual entertainment is the same as admitting they are perverts.

    This applies especially to Americans, because American culture is highly Christian. Most people you see complaining about fanservice and saying that seeing it makes them "uncomfortable" are most likely Americans.

    1. I see. I thought western people will be more open to this kind of stuffs than Asian, but it seems there was no real difference at all.

    2. Quite the opposite, really - western people are much more conservative about these sort of things. In the West people think that Asian people are more open about sex than them, though they usually think about it in the way of "oh my, the Asians are so perverted".

      In the West the way of thinking about sexual things is really tsundere. It's something that everyone knows is something they desire, but at the same time they are trained to think about sex as a bad thing. Erotic things are taught to be worthless and shameful, so everyone is afraid that if they admitted they like erotic things, everyone else would think that they are worthless and shameful too.

    3. I find it very interesting because Asian actually think like that too; "oh my, the Westerners are so perverted".

      Asian had some huge influence from some kind of distorted confucianism - which pretty much almost as conservative view as any religion. At least Japan is kinda more open than other Asian country.

  2. interestingly, westerners hate only straight fanservice (i.e. provided by female characters for male viewers).

    anime that delivers gay fanservice (male nudity, etc) is ok. Example: Great Teacher Onizuka, it even gets ultra-high ratings at MyAnimeList...

    I wonder, why...?