Friday, May 10, 2013

[Review] Hataraku Maou-sama! and Love Come wa Machigatteiru

To be honest, Hataraku maou-sama SHOULD NOT have this kind of quality. I really want them to give LoveCome some more budget so that it can have better sakuga.

First, Hataraku Maou-sama. Devil Lord comes from other dimension and struggling for survival in jungle called earth. We had this theme way too much, it is a synopsis that will turn off most of people. To be honest, this series is pretty cliched + very ordinary in terms of its story and comedy. What makes it shine is how White Fox and director is giving all they got in this single series - almost like they are wasting time. Damn, please give that effort to other series, and I would've been much happier. That aside, staffs in this anime are very amazing - making this series too fun to watch.

For love come, Hachiman is the best male light novel character every made - period. I like him even more than Loliragi. He is better and realistic example of how outsiders in school act and think - than Haganai male guy who just has no friend for no reason. I saw light novel character design and anime character design of Hachiman and damn, Brain Base sure had a brain. Hachiman just evolved from another romcom protagonist to lone wolf who talks shit and see all things negatively. His monologues just hit straight me into the heart, it's not even funny anymore, it hurts. Just like Katsuragi Keima in TWGOK, he outshines all the other female characters due to his immense amount of dark aura that animation staffs perfectly portrayed.

Hataraku Maou-sama and Love Come wa Machigatteiru is possibly one of my favourite light novel based anime this 'year'. Both airing in same season - too good.

Plus, funny that White Fox is doing Shaft style op and ed of maou-sama. I'm not talking about direction, but how they didn't even come out until 4th and 5th episode, lol.

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