Friday, June 7, 2013

Ore no Imouto - volume 12 ending spoiler


here is the ending;

Here is huge spoiler;


To tell you more story, after this fake wedding (!!!), everything goes back to normal.

Well... Story does end with Kyousuke doing sudden kiss to Kirino...orz...

Well, duh. Sword Master Yamato ending. Fuckin disgraceful. All the other character development of heroines; Kuroneko, Ayase and Minami; all went to dust, nothing is resolved other than Kyousuke pretty much marrying Kirino...

Well, burn your novels if you have. You can call this the worst light novel ending ever.


  1. i dropped the anime. not worth following anymore

  2. What would have been a better ending, possibly without pissing off any fans?

    1. Very easy = actually give scene on other heroines with 'ACCEPTABLE' way of story telling.

      Well duh. If you do read what happened to Ayase, Kuroneko and 'MINAMI' in that volume, you know how fuckin horrible writer is.