Sunday, October 27, 2013

[Modaka] Madoka Magica 3rd movie - I got spoiled... and...

Here is some huge spoiler... watch with your own risk what I can say is... 2nd season coming soon.

Another thing you need to know is this was NOT Urobuchi's idea ending like this. According to Urobuchi's interview, he had clear view of ending for this movie and didn't really think of story after. However, Iwakami producer and Shinbo wanted more so they didn't sign for his first idea. At the end, Shinbo gave "certain idea on Homura's position" - which is a major cause of the mind fuck in this move.

Friday, October 11, 2013

[Review] Animation 2013 Oct season 1st impression - PART 1

1. Kill la Kill
Mix of cliche. Typical Imaishi stuff with one hell of story with very fast pacing. But that's why I like it though. It's sheer craziness makes me shiver. Must watch, absolutely.

2. New kyoani animu
Fabulous art/animation and cutes characters, but extremely boring storyline/plot = Very likely to drop. Seriously, plot hole already in FIRST TWO EPISODE? They just need a single story writer who can at least right convincing plot line.

3. New kishi-seiji animu
Kishi-seiji-ed. I mean fucked up, just like Dangan Ronpa.