Thursday, March 20, 2014

[KamiNomi] The World God Only Knows - will it end? I don't think so.

Repeating post I did on RedHawk Scan;

Lol people stop panicking. There is high chance this is kind of shock marketing. It is pretty much impossible to end in 2-3 chapters when there is way too much things left off (Satyl etc)

If you go to communities from Japan, a lot of people is assuming that the series is not finishing;

Proof 1: --> "1/4 of 100 volume is completed!"
+ He is also saying story has only just started... lol

Proof 2:
If you go down there, there is name Wakaki Tamiki written for the 'new serialisation'.
The thing is - some of the series listed actually includes some of the second season/side story/sequels of already existing mangas.

So, there is high chance that this series will actually continue on as a sequel with 'different title' --> you guys already know that world only 'keima' knows is now pretty much all done, once this arc finish, it will be world he does NOT know.