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"This blog is a place under absolute dictatorship of 'ringOtamegane', the king of apple and procrastination. Originally, he was an atheist and lives maniac life, maimed and crippled by this rotten world of immorality and fruitlessness. However, there was one goddess who guided me to the light of hope, with her gentle smile and long, purple hair of silk.

Shenjougahara-tore-sama, I believe her."

Shit aside, I'm just sort of freak who likes apple, anime and wears glasses. I especially love anything by SHAFT, especially Bakemonogatari and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. This blog will mainly be about various news/information on animes. Not just informations on new series, I will also add some detail backgrounds of staffs and animation studios.

At first, I just created this blog for the sole reason of promoting Bakemonogatari, Shaft and new series, Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica. But, I will try to include more fun things for non-shaftard fags. :P

There will some sort of 'tags' in front of the post which will be;

1. [Info]: Detailed informations/statistics on animes/manga other Japan subcultural medias
2. [What's New]: New anime series informations
3. [Staff/Company]: Animations studio+staff informations
4. [Video/Music/Game]
5. [Review]: of animes
6. [Preview]: Seasonal preview of new animes
7. [Randomness]: All the others that isn't included about.




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