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Q: Are you Shaftfag?

That's obvious, isn't it?

Q: Your Fanboism is out-of-hand.
Hah? Being 'FAN' of something automatically means it is 'OUT-OF-HAND'. Not sure what you are getting there.


Q: Why Shaft animation is so shit?
Because your eyes are shit.

Q: No, seriously. It's shit. They are trying to be unique and think all those random slideshow and still-images 'artistic'. They are overrated whores.
Sadly, anything you said has nothing to do with actual animation.

Trying to be unique is only way Shaft can survive in business. That's their brand value, and their direction style will never, ever change, even if Shinbo dies or something. Hell, Shinbo is not even doing any contis or directions anyway. Actual directions is almost entirely made by series director and veterans in Shaft.

Also, making assumption that Shaft is 'overrated' is of course pretty bad saying too, because Shaft was never rated positively. Their direction was always criticised since THE BEGINING of Shinbo team involvement, but they don't care. Of course it is not because they think those directions are artistic or cool, it's because that's their style. That's pretty much it.

Q: Fuck you Shaft-fag. Shaft is shit.
Fuck you since you know you don't have anything to flame Shaft. Bye.

Q: Oonuma Shin is better than Shinbo!
Oonuma Shin cannot possibly be better than Shinbo. I know people who might try putting 'ef-a tale of memories' into the discussion, but there is flaws in it. Shinbo is not your typical director. He is the one who educated entire staff of Shaft to produce 'Shinbo + Oonuma + Oishi' style animation. Oonuma Shin's direction is about just utilising and refining small bit of Shinbo's own direction to extreme. Dynamic colourings, usage of vector, still-shoots.... those are all what Shinbo uses anyway.

and, even Oonuma himself do not think he is better than Shinbo.

Q: How the hell Shaft schedule is going on? They are producing series like every season.
Honestly, that's one of the biggest mystery of all. The only reason that could explain this is that actual animation members do not have right to choose how much animation they will do, probably except Shinbo. There is also production committee in Shaft inside and they are the one who accepts animation requests from production companies.

Q: WTF. Why Bakemonogatari is selling so much? Everything that Shaft did on that anime was shit and it was only good due to Nisioisin dialogues.
It's only in America!

What I mean is, there aren't many people in Japan who thinks Shaft directions in Bakemonogatari was bad. If Shaft direction was excluded from Bakemonogatari, it will be just boring as fuck. Nisioisin's novel always have been considered to be one of the hardest novel to adapt due to infinite conversations, puns and pop culture references. Only studio which can possibly adapt this kind of novel and make it in to 'THE BIGGEST HIT EVER IN 21C', is Shaft. No other studio can do that.

However, I admit Shaft was a bit lucky too. That sales figure of 80000 is simply impossible.

Q: Shinbo said 'unsaleable animation is meaningless, regardless of its quality. Thus the first you need to think is satisfying consumers'. Thus he is biggest ass in the world.
What's a point of being called 'OMG MASTERPIECE!!! BEST ANIME EVER' when it only sold like 500 DVDs or whatever? Animation that isn't popular means nothing, no matter how high quality the animation is. Making animation is 'business'. We see manglobe's constant failure in their animation attempts, and that's because consumers 'do not want their animation'. If they keep just make boring cult-hit aiming series, they will only have to face faith of Gonzo.

It's animation studio's responsibility to take consumer's needs as the highest priority, quality comes next.  This is not always the case though; Shinbo himself (...) is proving it with Madoka Magica.

Q: Off topic, but Japanimation industry is falling. That's because Japanese only likes moe. Westerners have much better taste.
and, I personally think it is opposite.

So, what do you want? Some SERIOUS business whatever fuckin story or epic animes? No-one's making those kind of animes now-a-days, since it has very high risk compare to its relative difficult of producing. There are already way too much 'epic' style anime made in the past, thus if there are to be another one of those, it will just merely be rehash and cliche most of the time, which is shit boring anyway. That, will never sell.

Moe is new-demand and higher profiting model since Suzumiya Haruhi legend. Deal with it, go along the flow. If you want serious stuffs, watch LOST.

Q: Is Shinbo only director in Shaft or what?
I said, he is more of educator/supervisor. Series director takes about half of the original 'director' positions role, so you must check that first.


How much involvment have co-directors in an anime at SHAFT? 
It's series director most of the time, not co-director. Shinbo has been main director of every single series until now, probably excluding Ef series. Most of the time, co-directors are just responsible of small section of the series, such as OP or ED animation. (eg. Maria+Holic) However, it seems that Denpa Onna no Seishun Otoko will have Tokoro Tomokazu as proper co-director, which means he will be in equal position as main director, Shinbo.

The role of series director is balancing out the entire series, so that quality, pacing, directions doesn't go off through out the series. This is similar position to Raigun's Layout Supervision role, but Shaft accepted this idea much earlier back in Pani Poni Dash (Oonuma Shin was Series director). This is one of the major reason why Shinbo can direct so many series at once, since this series director position really reduces the work that Shinbo should care.

Shinbo really do anything on his own? Since I doubt Shinbo can direct every of his shows on his own.
This is probably question I got most when I go through the forum. Yes, he is in proper position as director, so he does what most of the directors do. Supervision over every work and position, conti checking, overall position alignment, key animation check...... etc. If I say some differences, first some of directors major work is taken by 'series director' which I mentioned above. Second, he don't get listed in episode ending credit most of the time, since does not draw actual conti works. There was once he was listed in ending credit; in the first episode of Bakemonogatari as a 'series composition'. He was the one who suggested 15 episodes format instead 12. However, that's the first and last time he was listed in credit during that series. Rather, if others draw conti, he checks it, and ask them to fix if there is something wrong. That's the system of Shaft, every staff in Shaft knows Shinbo's style and want, and get used to it over many years.

Shinbo is also known for his god-like working speed that no-one can match. He is also very professional about his work (you can also say he is a bit conservative) and has strong beliefs. I guess that's why Shaft is still directing tons of series even with all those animation disasters.

Why is Tatsuya Oishi who is supposedly one of team Shinbo involved in so few works?  
Actually, you can say the same thing to Oonuma Shin. Oishi Tatsuya and Oonuma Shin are both young and talented animators. They have extremely distinct characteristics; you can say they are mostly influenced by Shinbo, but they also 'influenced' Shinbo.

I can say exactly same reason I stated for why Shinbo never gets credit roll at the end of the episode. It's because he doesn't do actual conti works but supervision and training. Same thing goes to them. They might have involved in few series of Shaft, but they influence' and 'guides' other staffs indirectly.

In case of Oishi Tatsuya, I can say another reason. His animation is mostly, 'NOT' a real animation we are used to watch (Bakemonogatari Hitagi OP, Pani Poni Dash OP, Magnet OP, Soremachi 'subtitle' design, Negima OP and OVA directions....). He is expert in typography, cinematography and vector usage, which isn't something you can manipulate everytime in every series.

How come every of their shows have the same style?
Because Shinbo is director of the most series that Shaft does. That's pretty much it.

So, since Shinbo is supervisor and 'educator', does this mean that SHAFT basically won't work under other directors anymore and Shinbo and SHAFT are inseparatable since everyone over there animated his style for many years? 
That's true currently, yes. However, since Shinbo is educator, that also means other staffs in Shaft will also grow and become director later on, right?  Miyamoto Yukihiro (This is guy is often called the 'fourth' member of Team Shinbo.) is very good example.

How much did Shaft's animator numbers change after Bakemonogatari's godlike sales? They were on emergency needs before but after Bake their website no longer posted any request for workers. 
This is something I still don't know. They stopped recruiting more animators for a long time as you said, and now they are recruiting again. They have one big building belongs to themselves, but they also accepts tons of subcontraction from other studios such as studio Tulip. So, I don't really know. Probably about minimum 40 to maximum 100? (lol large range)

What was it about Natsu no arashi that made it a failure?
 Weak material for success with weak characters, along with controversial use of war topic.